How to do a magic trick with a deck of cards

The card magic tricks are certainly familiar with the audience.

With many magic tricks performed with cards, this made magic tricks with cards popular.

Today I will share with you about the magic tricks that change the colors of the cards.

Magic card trick: A double-sided card

Prepare two cards of different colors, but you will place two cards with their backs facing each other.

Hand-rotating the cards in a blink of an eye will swap two cards together.

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The audience is most likely to spot that you turned the card in reverse.

Note that while you hit the card against the dice, do not reveal the underside of the card.

Magic card trick: Turn to another card with one finger

For this magic trick, you need to prepare two cards in advance and put them on each other.

Then place them at the top of the deck and audience will see the card at the top.

Use one finger to push the top card into the deck and quickly bring the card just below for the audience to see.

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Magic card trick: Fling a card into space to play another card

Still prepare two different cards from the start but please mark its position by placing your finger below it.

It is better to stick the two sides of the two cards together as this will ensure that they do not split when waved.

The flick motion causes the card to fly up and back to the other side of the card.

The audience eventually sees only the other side of the card and thinks the original card is gone.

Magic card trick: The magic hand changes a card

This magic trick is even more mysterious!

First, you will show your audience a card that is shown face-up on the previous deck.

With the other hand, you will hide another card in the palm of your hand.

Then, you put your hand that hides the card you put on the deck and at this point the audience only sees the card you just laid.

Magic card trick: Swap cards with just hand rotation

If the first magic trick was to put your hand on the deck, then the following magic trick you just need to rotate one to change the card.

In your left hand you will hold the deck and show the audience the card in first place.

A card will be hidden first in the palm of the other hand.

After you rotate the deck to the right palm and perform card swaps.

It looks like a lengthy tutorial, but these magic tricks are really simple but bring many surprises to the audience.
Practice hard to quickly become a professional magician

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