Best Way to Start Learning Magic Tricks

When we want to learn something new, we all have a hard time getting started. But don’t worry, today I will answer the question: “How to learn magic tricks for beginners?”.

Here is a list of things to do to learn magic tricks for beginners.

Determine what kind of magic you want to learn

A person’s time and energy are limited. So you have to choose a few things and leave the rest.

The same goes for learning magic tricks for beginners, you have to choose a magic genre that you like and focus your best on it.

In magic there are many genres, magic card, coin magic, stage magic … Please choose the genre you love the most.
Of course, after practicing a magic genre long enough, you can practice more magic genres.

This is essential to enrich your magic skills and knowledge.

But that is the job of the future, but for a beginner, focus on your chosen magic genre.

Determine the reasons and purposes of learning magic

Nobody does anything for no reason, so is learning magic tricks.

Determining the reasons for learning magic will put you in the right direction when you start learning new magic tricks.

If you’re learning magic for money, theater magic is an easy choice to get started with.

If you’re learning magic to flirt with women, magic tricks with cards and flowers will suffice.

If you are learning magic for fun, learn magic tricks that will amaze and cheer you up.

Easy close up magic card tricks will make your friends surprise

If reason drives you, your goal motivates you, and how far you go is entirely up to the ultimate goal you set.

I don’t recommend setting a great goal, think twice before setting a goal.

But remember, whether you think “you can” or “you can’t”, you’re always right.

Find a source of knowledge about magic

Next step, let’s start learning some interesting and unexpected magic tricks.

Despite our needs and financial conditions, we have different options for learning narrative games.

Learn magic for free on Youtube

This is a great place to learn magic tricks, even for real magicians.

A lot of good people share their knowledge of magic on Youtube, you can learn many useful things.

However, YouTube can also “go astray” if you are a beginner.

A lot of YouTube magic tutorials will destabilize your basic knowledge, as they make it unsystematic and sometimes inaccurate.

As a beginner, you can not distinguish and choose the optimal source of knowledge on Youtube.

If you just want to learn some magic tricks to flirt with women, that’s okay, but if you want to be a magician, consider carefully.

Learn magic from DVDs, videos, ebooks, books

This is a great choice, take me as an example, I learned magic tricks using this method.

DVDs, videos, ebooks that I mentioned, are products published and sold by famous magicians in online magic shops.

The tricks that are sold are often not publicly available on Youtube and often have better effects.

For beginners to learn magic, books and ebooks are difficult to grasp, video is your top choice.

But remember, the new book and ebook is the gathering place for the “quintessence” of the magic world, the best magic tricks are hidden behind the words, not the movies.

Learn magic from a professional magician

This is the best way to learn, it saves you a lot of time on “making mistakes” and “learning from experience”.

If I had met my first magic teacher earlier, I would have saved 2 years of my life learning magic.

If you’re a beginner, having a professional magician guide you through the basics is essential.

The only problem is that the good stuff is never cheap, the cost of hiring a magician to teach your own magic is not a small amount.

Top 5 close up magic tricks for beginners

Practice magic properly

Please understand this, hard magic practice is not enough to help you become a good magician, the missing element here is that you have to practice properly.

Carefully study every little detail of the magic trick.

Don’t overlook even the smallest details when learning a magic trick, sometimes the smallest details are the deciding factor.

Some magicians even forget to talk about small details (because they are used to it), but observe what they do carefully.

This is not redundant, this is an important habit to make your magic learning easier.

Practice in front of a mirror to understand your angle

Angle is a very important element in magic, a trick might be perfect in one angle but lousy in another.

The audience doesn’t understand this, they just need to know if your performance will surprise them or not.

Therefore, practice in front of the mirror to better understand what your audience will see you do.

Work out slowly when you first start

People often say “magic is quick and quick,” so magic beginners have a habit of doing everything very quickly.

This is a wrong habit, quit it today, practice a magic trick as slowly as possible, do it right before you go fast.

Don’t chase speed while practicing magic, find the right way, then the speed will chase you. You will be so fast that you wouldn’t expect it.

Try to understand the principles of magic tricks, don’t just imitate

First, imitate, then understand the principle, if we just imitate, we are no different from monkeys.

Every move of a magic trick, when you do it, you have to understand why you do it, don’t do it just because you see others do it, do it because you understand its cause and purpose.

This sounds easy, but it’s harder than you think, it is what makes the biggest difference between magicians.

Magic show for everyone

It is often said that “learning together with practice”, it is difficult to be good at learning magic without performing.

That is why, after having practiced a magic trick, start performing it for everyone.

It would be interesting if every day we learn something new, that is why I have pursued my passion for magic.

Because for me, there’s always something new in magic that I can learn every day.

This is an easy way to enjoy the life I want to share with you.

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