4 aces card trick easy to do for everyone

Many card trick tricks are done with very interesting Aces cards.

The Ace card is one of the most noticed cards for magicians when performing.

Here I will introduce to you magic tricks with four Aces cards.

Magic card tricks: Four Aces cards of fate

Please shuffle the cards a lot in front of your audience.

Perform placement marking of Aces cards by mixing Aces cards with other cards.

Then, you up half of those cards.

You will show the audience the card to the first face down card.

Do this until four Aces cards are selected.

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Magic card tricks: Randomly divide four Ace cards

First, you mess with the messy cards in front of the audience.

Four Aces cards are prepared and placed at the beginning of the deck.

Your fingers will be flexible to flick Aces.

The fast and continuous movement will make the audience think of these Aces cards in a random position in the deck.

The card magic is very simple and doesn’t take much time to execute.

You can refer to the following link for more magic card tricks.

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Magic card tricks: Four Ace cards are converged

Just dealing cards can be a magic trick. Do you believe?

This video I showed you how to do magic with simple dealing.

You will split the cards into four sections and one of the sections will gather four Aces cards.

Splitting the cards are done normally until the part of the card has Ace cards.

You will now use faking motions to split the Ace cards at the beginning of the deck.

Do the same until four Ace cards are splitted.

Magic card tricks: Four special cards are played face-up

Shuffle the cards carefully before performing to make you more confident.

However, shuffling must be done using a technique that does not affect the cards that are lined up.

Four Ace cards are played face-up and are played behind one face down.

And obviously the card face down is also the Ace card.

Your job is to spread the card from the top and flip the last Ace card.

The dealing moves are simple, but can make a very sophisticated magic trick.

You want to become professional magicians with lessons that need regular practice.

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