5 gimmick cards will fool people

Surely everyone watching magic will be dumbfounded and not believe in their eyes what is going on.

One of the magic tricks that make viewers bewildered is magic tricks with cards.

Changing in the size of the cards

First, you show your audience four cards of equal size.

Then, you take the first card unexpectedly, causing the four cards to get smaller in size.

In fact, the first card with a special structure may hold the original four cards behind.

Your job is not to let the audience discover the four cards hidden behind.

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The paperclip can hold the color of the card

You place the cards on the table in order and use tongs to fix the cards.

The cards changed color immediately after removing the clip.

The clamped leaves will not change color.

Actually, these cards were arranged from the start and you just need to show them in the correct order.

Two pieces of a card on the same side

The dealer spreads the card with three cards face up and one card face down.

After you use the magic move cards, those cards turn into other cards.

These cards are actually half form with a different hand.

I will guide you more about some magic performance with the article below.

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The pencil pierces the card

One hand holds the card firmly and the other holds a pencil.

After that, you do some magical magic moves.

You use a pencil to pierce the pre-cut part of the card at an angle so that the audience cannot see it.

Note that you need to stab the card skillfully so that the audience doesn’t know the card has been cut before.

The strange disappearance of the card

First, you spread the cards and shuffle the cards randomly in front of your audience.

Obviously the audience saw the first card but after you put your hand on that card is gone.

Another card has appeared in first place.

In fact, the ring is glued and your job is to get the card stuck to the palm of your hand without showing to the audience.

Many spectators will likely have their eyes examined again while watching your ingenious magic tricks.

Practice magic with this lesson hard to get good results.

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