Top 5 Worst magic tricks on America’s Got Talent

In the following article, we will reveal to you the top 5 worst magic shows in America’s Got Talent. Please take a look at the full article below.

America’s Got Talent’s Most Dangerous Magic

The contestant with the most dangerous magic show on Got Talent left a deep impression in everyone’s hearts. A performance fraught with danger to life. Specifically, the contestant wore a shirt with a buckle.

Little girl do the magic tricks America’s Got Talent

The sleeveless shirt wrapped around him and wrapped both hands. He was then impregnated with a flamethrower all over his body, and he was suspended in a vacuum with a fire extinguisher beside him.

His mission is that when the fire started burning on his body, he had to use all means when his hands were tied to try to escape to use the fire extinguisher to save his life. When the performance is started.

Everyone who witnessed the near-death scene felt extremely worried for the other contestant. But all good things have come to him. Although this performance was full of dangers, he eventually made it through.

America’s Got Talent Scariest Magic Show

A bloody magic show that makes everyone want to cry. With this scary magic show, the contestant dressed herself up with a bloody outfit that looked horrible. His co-star took on the challenge with tongue cutting.

Collins Key Magic Trick America’s Got Talent

He fixed the girl’s tongue with an iron cage, then casually cut her tongue with scissors. It was this that caused blood to splatter all around, making viewers freeze. However, it was just a performance, so the girl was fine.

Next, a girl lies on a table. He used a drill to drill into the girl’s stomach. And this time there was also a lot of color gushing out. It is so scary that the judges have to cover their eyes because they dare not watch. In the end, the performance was completed and no one was injured.

Fun-filled performance at America’s Got Talent

The contestant gave a perfect performance and he received a golden bell ringing when the performance ended. He brought to the program a song with a cheerful melody. He sings and dances on stage enough to stir up a whole backstage from outside to inside. Those who were still inside also joined the stage and danced to the rhythm of the contestant’s song.

His performance was warmly welcomed. All the audience and judges also stood up to feel the fun rhythm. When the performance ended, enthusiastic cheers were heard to congratulate him.

America’s Got Talent’s Most Failed Magic Show

Mad Jack performed his magic show with the indignation of many fake cockroaches for being criticized as “Repulsive”. This particular performance of his received a lot of mixed reviews.

Jack invited a judge to join him on stage, then let the judge choose a card. Next Jack put a deck of cards on him and then they dropped from his trouser leg. He then gave the deck to the examiner to check the deck and there was no card of his choice in it.

And then Jack pointed out that it was lying on his “butt” and his actions made everyone uncomfortable. He asked the judge to take it out and made everyone uncomfortable. The judge used the tool to remove the card. And what is quite surprising is that it is the original card that the judge chooses.

America’s Got Talent’s worst magic trick

An unfortunate incident happened to the contestant in this false magic show. The contestant used a padlock to lock her hand to a bed made on stage. And according to the progress, the two characters work together with him to complete this performance.

However, anyone can tell that the contestant had a problem when he couldn’t remove the locks on his hand. And right after that, a wooden frame fell from above. Everyone is worried about you. After a while he was able to jump out. However, because of this incident, his leg was also badly injured.

So we’ve taken a look at the top 5 worst magic shows on America’s Got Talent. If you know of any other similar shows, please leave a comment to share with everyone.

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