Collins Key Magic Trick America’s Got Talent

Collins Key is a talented magician who has many admirers. This article will reveal some of his cool and interesting magic tricks.

Let’s have a look at the entire article below to know these items.

The magic show predicting the answer on Twitter from the judges

Collins Key asked questions and chatted with the judges during this performance. He used his magic to guess the answer from the judges. After having identified 3 answers, comes the final answer. Collins Key doesn’t put them on screen anymore.

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At this time, a secret box appears. He took a piece of magic paper inside, then described the words that the judges answered in turn. And an unexpected thing, when he completely unfolded the paper, it was the word that the final judge answered.

Object teleportation magic

Collins Key was very skillful in this magic show. First he left a bag of sweets on the judges’ table and he didn’t touch them. He then borrowed a note from the judge and asked another judge to read the serial number on the bill. He wrote down all the serial numbers on a piece of paper.

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Next, Collins Key gently folded the bill and he burned it and tossed it on top. He immediately caught them and used his magic to transfer the money inside the bag of cakes. Then, he asked the judge to open the bag of bread that was still intact. And in surprise, with the exact same bill and the judge’s serial number appearing in his bag of cakes. It’s a surprise, isn’t it?

Magic Show of Disappearance

For this magic trick, Collins Key prepared an empty cardboard box. He then let the judges check inside and used a pen to write on it as a sign. He then randomly selects a page from a book and asks the examiner to see what’s in it. One judge said it was the word “DRAW”. Then by his extraordinary magic.

Collins Key made the page with the word “DRAW” disappear. He then asked a judge to take his empty paper bag when he came up with it. He used scissors and cut off the top edge of the envelope. A surprising fact happened far away.

Inside the cover was a piece of paper from the unfinished car title page. And when you put that piece of paper into the tear in the page, they fit perfectly. It’s magical, isn’t it?

Fusion Magic Show

Collins Key had two female judges randomly select two cards for themselves and then sign their names on the face of the card. Then, from these 2 cards, use your magic on 2 cards. And then ask the judges to hold the two cards together with their mouths. Moments later, when the time came, Collins Key took down the card the two judges were holding in their mouths.

A miracle happened here. Originally, two completely different cards, they have now merged into a single card. This made everyone feel surprised and it was hard to believe. Collins Key then tore the merged card in half for the judges to verify. And like that, his magic trick was successfully completed.

Thus, we have shared with you the exciting magic shows of Collins Key. If you know any other interesting and interesting pieces of his, please leave a comment below to share with everyone.

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