18 Magic Props With Dove That You Can Buy At Magic Shop

Referring to the magic shirt, many people will immediately think of the game of transforming a dove from a magic hat.

Pigeons have thus become familiar to most people who know magic.

To make the magic show with dove more attractive, here I will introduce you to the dove performing.

Dove in Flame Painting

Taking a dove out from the flame picture may seem unbelievable but will be done with the props I introduced.

A scroll picture is the main props to be prepared.

A fire suddenly went out while the picture was being opened.

There is a white dove on the picture, but the picture is suddenly rolled up and a live dove comes out of the painting.

Dove Strap Magic Props

Dove lanyards are an important accessory to the success of many dove-related items.

With this rope, it will make a unique game with dove.

The rope just forms the bond of the magician and doves.

Super Auto Flame Dove Pan

With the virtual pan,  open it, the flames flare up with the lid.

Then it is necessary to remove the cover to make sure there is a dove inside.

Set the dove aside and place the lid on the pan again.

The magician lifts it and the pan is filled with foam, silk, flowers and other objects.

Tora Automatic Dove to Silk

Great source of magic to add to any show.

After making a dove appear, the magician places it in an elegant box with a transparent side.

The audience can clearly see the dove inside the box.

Finally, the dove transforms into a white silk.

Dove to Silk Bag

Taking the dove out of an empty silk bag will surprise many people.

The fake magician will bring up an empty bag and put some silk in it.

The bag is specially made so as not to harm the dove.

Instead of using doves, you can create a bouquet of spring flowers.

The bag is made of good quality and ensures the qur effect of the magic show.

Dove From Scroll Painting

Viewers will see a picture when a fire goes out.

There is a white dove on the picture but the picture will roll up.

Then, a live dove flew out from the painting.

The magic trick is equipped with an ignition device to make the magic show more thrilling.

Fire book to dove

Viewers will see a picture when a fire goes out.

There is a white dove on the picture but the picture will roll up.
Then, a live dove flew out from the painting.

The magic trick is equipped with an ignition device to make the magic show more thrilling.

Fire dove pan 3 time

A stage magic tool that turns anything into fire is the specialty of this magic show.

Electric ignition, can automatically ignite within 1 second.

The pan can be spawned three times with a burning flame.

Color Change Dove Frame

The doves frame changes color to more vibrant colors.

The magic show adds fun to the children.

The product does not require skill or training.

The performance brought special effects that made the audience excited.

Muffler To Dove

This classic handcrafted magic show is intended for discerning magicians.

Display two red silk handkerchiefs, tying them together in the corners.

Viewers will be interacting to place the knotted part inside their shirt to ensure it doesn’t fall.

The magician displays a silk of a different color to make it completely disappear.

It will then reappear tied between other silk sheets and dove.

Dove Frame (One Dove Version)

A painting of a white dove perched on a tree, framed in a beautiful wooden frame.

When you do a dove flying out of the picture will make the audience suspect that it is the real dove.

The dove flying out caused the picture to no longer be parked on the tree branch.

This is a great way to produce doves, it looks unbelievable !!!

Rubber Dove

Dove lives on rubber, do you believe?

It is a dove that matches the size and shape of a real pigeon.

This dove is useful for nested illusion where doves disappear.

Magic acts like this can be used in a comedy show.

Color Changing Dove Frame

This is the enhanced version of the classic dove frame magic trick.

The magician shows a frame with an orange dove on it.

Use your hands to touch the dove’s picture to let the audience feel the change.

The magician hand reached into the picture several times and then took out the real dove.

This is very quick, effective and surprisingly effective.

Fire Dove Tray

– You show the empty tray to the audience, the tray automatically burns and suddenly the fire goes out.

A beautiful dove appeared from the burning flames.

In another version, the magician places the dove on the tray so it turns into a dove.

It looks dangerous, but this magic trick is easy to do.

Ipad to dove

The Dove flying out of the picture is already unbelievable, but a more remarkable magic show will be introduced later.

Prepare an Ipad of props shaped like a dove.

Obviously, the post is not a real iPad.

The genjutsu makes a few movements around the iPad and takes the dove out of it.

Dove pan 4 effect disassemble version

A stage magic tool that turns anything from flames burned with electricity.

This prop can automatically ignite within 1 second and dove fly away

Also, you can transform flowers or other things from this props.

Egg to Dove animation book

Animated book Egg to Dove will make dove fly out from here.

Magician shows a book with all black pages.

With a wave of his hand, a pigeon gradually appeared in the book and eventually a real dove flew out!

Fire dove cage

Fire dove cages are very popular around the world.

The magician shows the audience a beautiful drum cage.

All gazes were focused on the cage, the fire disappeared and a living dove appeared in the cage.

The switch design is fully automatic, does not need to be pressed by hand, the birdcage is gently shaken, exposing automatically.

The many props for performing with the dove featured in the article give us a variety of props.

Only with dove that has many good props, choose the right props to perform great magic tricks.

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