Top 18 Magic Tricks That Girls Can Do At Home

Magic through the eyes of the viewers full of mystery but extremely attractive.

Surely there are many people who watch magic constantly wondering how magic is possible.

Today I will share with you magic tricks and instructions on how to do these magic tricks in detail.

Topic about: Magic Props, Card Tricks, General Magic Tricks
Level of difficult: Easy, Normal
Appropriate age: Form 10 to 30 Year Olds
Price: From Free to 10$
Suitable for: Everyone Can Do

Magic trick: The stick is floating on the paper

Place the stick in the center of the card and note that you must bend the card before starting the magic show.

The other hand then bends the card and your hand will pull up the stick is lifted from the card.

After that, the audience will see the stick move around the card and be lifted from the card.

Finally, gently release the paper so that the stick is on the paper.

Magic trick: Cigarette and black box

Use a lighter to light the cigarette in your hand in front of the viewers.

After you put the lighter on the table, remove a plastic case from the bag and pop the cigarette in it.

You can see that a cigarette has a special structure that can be inserted into a stick.

To sum up, the audience will think you turn out a small stick in a cigarette.

Magic trick: One pencil turns into two pens

First, you hold the black pen and write on the paper normally for the audience to see.

Then you put the black pen in a round case.

The black pen is just a case for you to put a smaller red pen in it.

All you have to do is insert the black pen and swing it so that the small pen is thrown out to complete the magic trick.

Magic trick: Putting the ball into the blue box with magic

First of all, you take the ball out of the green box in front of the audience.

Use your hands to massage the ball evenly and deftly throw it to the ground.

A small ball is installed on the lid of the ball and it will be released when you tap it lightly.

The audience will think that you used magic to get the ball into the box.

Magic trick: The engine cuts and self-restores the suction tube

A blue magic engine will be the main prop for this magic trick.

Carefully insert a straw through this engine.

You need to know that the engine is lined with two white straws that mislead the audience’s vision.

Then, you pull the engine sideways, but when taken out to show the audience they are intact.

Magic trick: Use your hand to control the dummy on the card

At the start, you hold a colored card in your hand and the other hand do some magic moves.

Magic moves are performed continuously and the other hand will shield the invisible strings behind the card.

When you control the back of the card, the shapes on the card move up and down.

The audience will think that your hand will use the magic to control the colorful card.

Magic card: Attach a metal ring to the wire

Let’s prepare a metal bracelet and necklace to perform this trick successfully.

The bracelet will be used to tap again and the bangle is penetrated into it.

The main key of the trick is that bring the metal ring closer to the upper hand to proceed with questioning it.

The necklace has a special structure and your job is to just follow the instructions of this props.

Magic trick: A large dice turns into many small bright dices

The bottom of the box is made of glass for the audience to easily see and the top lid is black to suck the big dice.

Use a strong flick of the hand to get the big dice to stick to the wall of the lid.

Many small, colorful dice will be stuck to the big dice when you lift your hand like that.

Viewers will initially see a large dice but then find only small dice.

Magic trick: Turns roses out of hands

Our rose can be folded into pieces and hidden in the palm of your hand.

This will be an advantage for magicians with big hands.

Then, you will extend your hand and lift the flower from the palm of your hand.

Do so from left hand to right hand in turn to create excitement for the audience.

Magic trick: Money-making machine

First of all, get the Vietnamese bill on your hand and bring it into the machine on the table.

After you rotate this engine, the bill will become into another one.

In fact, this machine has a special structure with two compartments for two bill.

As soon as the original bill is wrapped, the money placed in front is ejected.

Magic trick: Sticks turn out flowers

Use the stick to gently tap the hat to let the cotton in it expand.

The flower is arranged neatly in the stick and when the stick is knocked on the bottom of the hat will cause the flower to expand.

One thing that you need to pay attention is that you should knock tightly.

Surely many of you will have difficulty learning magic tricks when you first start.

Magic trick: The glass of box suck the ball in it

The transparent glass box was tied tightly with two elastic but the ball could still be inside.

The box has an empty target and you will place the ball in the open part of the box while you put the red scarf on.

In conclusion, you can not lack a few manipulations to make the audience feel strange.

Magic trick: Self-rotating screw

A motor in the shape of a screw will be used in this magic trick.

After you press the button at the top of the motor, the studs rotate automatically.

The screw will rotate from the inside out and you will use your hand to catch it when it falls off the shaft.

Use your hands to cover the buttons so that the audience won’t detect it.

Magic trick: Pencil turns into chains

A piece of cardboard covers the outside and can roll a long bar.

This long bar will contain the necklace inside.

You use two hands to pull strongly at both ends to release the necklace.

Then, pretend to wear the necklace around your neck like a jewel.

Magic trick: The key can shrink in the bottle

Prepare a key and a plastic bottle to do this magic trick.

With a special key structure, it stretches to the sides so you can fit inside the bottle.

Note that when you squeeze the two sides of the key to put it in the plastic bottle should not be seen by the audience.

After the key is in the bottle, shake the bottle so the audience thinks the key is still intact.

Magic trick: Rubic blocks self-arranged

You need to prepare the cube in advance with one face filled each color.

There are three objects that are combined in this game.

The shell with mixed colors will face up the rubic with order.

Finally, the nice thing is that do some magic manipulation and keep the ruby case shuffled to get the sorted cube.

Magic trick: The bitten card restores itself

Firstly, you show the audience all sides of the card to proves that the card is not abnormal.

Bring the card closer to your mouth and make the author bite the card.

Aftef biting the card, the hand holding the card gently pushes the part of the card downwards to create the feeling that the card has been bitten.

The movement of pulling a small piece of the card down should be careful to avoid the audience detecting your trick.

This tricks are quite simple but extremely popular.

I will be sure that you will find it at most magic stores in Viet Nam.

Carefulyl select props is one of the grateful paths to make your performance more interesting.

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