15 Magic Tricks That’s Not Card Tricks (Why You Don’t Like Card Tricks ???)

From past to present, when it comes to magic, most people are sure to be interested and amazed by the strangeness of magic tricks.

Nowsadays, there have a lot of magic tricks performed all over the world.

Here I will introduce to you magic tricks that will surely bring surprises to the viewers.

Topic about: There are not card tricks
Level of difficult: Easy, Normal
Appropriate age: Form 10 to 30 Year Olds
Price: From FREE to 10$
Suitable for: Everyone Can Do

Magic trick: The magic paper with the picture’s girl

There are two props in this trick such as a green paper with a picture, a pair of scissors and a piece of white paper that is glued together.

You will use scissors to cut in the middle of a two part in a circle.

Take a blue piece of paper through the two lines cut on the white paper ring.

The gap in the middle will help no matter when you cut, the green paper will not break.

Magic trick: The bill was pierced by the pencil without tearing

A bill, a pencil and a blank piece of paper is the main props for you.

You clip the paper and the bill together in order to the pencil is easy to pierce.

Then, use the tip of a sharp pencil to stick between the note and the folded white paper.

The note is folded into a small piece so that the pencil can be stabbed into the white paper through the fold.

Magic trick: Fling the bottle to put the dice in

One hand holds the plastic stick and the other hand holds the dice.

Note that your hand should be in a position where the cut is not visible.

Because the cut-off part of the bottle is used to put the dice into the bottle.

Then, you raise your hands. At that moment, you face the cut portion of the bottle onto the dice.

After this movement, the audience will see that the dice have been neatly placed in the bottle with a lot of shock.

Magic trick: The elastic is self-untangle

The movement of tying the elastic on the hands here is a bit confusing, so please pay attention!

You will use the thumb of your right hand to make a pillar and then proceed with the other fingers.

Specifically, how is the tightening movement, you should watch the video clearly.

Finally, you need to tug on the elastic to let it spread out from your thumb.

Magic trick: Attach a metal ring to the wire

Let’s prepare a metal bracelet and necklace to perform this trick successfully.

The bracelet will be used to tap again and the bangle is penetrated into it.

The main key of the trick is that bring the metal ring closer to the upper hand to proceed with questioning it.

The necklace has a special structure and your job is to just follow the instructions of this props.

Magic trick: The dice change themselves in the black box

In the black box there will be a dice mounted on the lid of the box from the beginning.

You throw a dice into a black box and shake a few in front of the audience.

Then, hold the dice tightly in your hand and make a gesture that shows the audience that you have put the dice in the palm of your hand.

You will shake the dice on the lid of the box to fall off and show the audience the palm of your hand is completely empty.

The audience will think you can put the dice into the black box.

Magic trick: The fire is transmitted on the glove

First of all, you need to immerse four gloves in a prepared solution.

Then, you put on two gloves on each side and do the candle light up.

Since the gloves have been soaked with the solution before, we will easily spread the fire to our two fingers, … and the whole hand.

Magic trick: Rose blooms in fire

The rose tree is a magic tool that can be removed.

At the first time, you pull down the rose and hide it in the palm of your hand.

Then, at the top of the flower you will pour out the solution to burn up.

After it burns, you will use your hand to stroke the flower from the palm of your hand.

This makes many people mistakenly believe that the fire had turned into a flower.

Magic trick: Catching fire in the air makes candles burn

At first glance at this show, everyone thought the magician was having magic.

The questions “Why can a candle glow when nothing is needed to light ?” were asked.

All these problems are solved because these are just electronic candles and you only need to press the switch to make them glow.

However, it is also quite important that you act in a way that the audience believes.

Magic trick: Floating Ring

You can even wear a lot of rings on your hand so that the audience cannot distinguish what is a magic ring.

This string will connect your body with the prop to perform.

You have to attach one end of the string to your head, the back of your ear, your neck, your shoulder,… or your hand.

You can also choose to left or right side to perform.

Magic trick: Spooky coin

Let the audience see that there is nothing in your hand from the beginning and hold the coin with the tape.

In the next step, you will use one hand to put the coin into the palm of the other hand.

The coin will be glued to the back of our hand which the viewer don’t see when you rotate your body.

Similarly, you can also do this magic trick with a lot of coins.

Magic trick: The wallet sets fire

This wallet is made up of two compartments, an empty one for audiences to see, and one for performances.

You will pour a pre-prepared chemical bottle into the pads that installed in your wallet.

The result is the wallet will catch fire, frightening the viewer.

Magic trick: Duplicate the dollar bill

At the beginning, use scissors to cut the bill into the pieces in front of the audience.

Suddenly, two parts of the bill were cut into two notes.

Stick two notes together and cut the bill in half and the audience would see the notes together.

Magic trick: Fake fingers and the magical towels

Firstly , you take the yellow scarf and hide it in your hand.

Some magic moves is the necessity to cover the audience’s eyes and pull the scarf out.

The red scarf turns yellow in a few seconds will make everyone wow.

Actually, you use your fake finger to hide the red scarf in it.

Magic trick: Pile the dollar bill still intact

You need to prepare the knife is so sharp to pierce the paper into a line.

You’re not going to cut a dollar bill, but only create a feeling for an author.

Make sure the dollar bill is intact when you do this.

The audience seemed to escape the heart and regretted seeing the dollar bill being pierced like that.

These tricks are very simple but extremely popular everywhere.

Bringing fun to more and more audiences is definitely something that magicians want.

So let’s join hands and help each other perform magic to bring joy to everyone across the continent!

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