10 VISUAL Rubber Band Tricks Anyone Can Do

To create a fun atmosphere at parties or prom. Or even if you want to be an extremely simple magician. With only 10 tricks using rubber bands that we reveal to you. It will definitely make you satisfied and feel interesting.

Check out the full article below to pocket these 10 simple tips.

Rubber band through donkey thumb

For this trick you only need an elastic band. Then place the elastic around your right thumb, then place the middle and ring fingers of your left hand over the other end of the elastic.

Next rotate your middle finger around and grab the top of the elastic and pull down, then twist your left hand to form a cross on the string and place your thumb down and pull. This creates a sliding button under your thumb that you will easily hide.

You just need a little bit of practice. This trick will become so simple that anyone can do it. I wish you success.

The disappearing rubber band trick

For this particular trick, you’ll want to have a variety of rubber bands on your wrist.

You will take one of them and give it a makeover. Then you will clip it between your hands to look like you have an elastic band between your fingers. It basically goes around the wrist and disappears when you let go of it.

This trick is simple but will have a huge effect on your audience. You’re essentially removing an elastic band from your wrist, releasing it, and letting onlookers believe it’s gone.

These are also great games to try at parties or among a small group of friends, as they hardly require any props other than a few rubber bands. People of all ages and even young children will love watching you perform these simple tricks.

Amazing jumping rubber band

This procedure involves an elastic band wrapped around two fingers. By doing nothing but lifting your fingers, the elastic band seems to instantly transport itself to the other two fingers on your hand.

This trick involves all the fingers on your hand except your thumb. Wrap the elastic around two fingers on the left or right side. It doesn’t matter, as long as the elastic is not on your two middle fingers.

This is an important step in making a jump rope. This is the step that you want to do as quickly as possible so your audience doesn’t catch up on what you’re doing.

Make sure that the rubber band placed around your two fingers in the previous step is under your knuckles. Use your other hand to quickly grab the elastic from the palm of your hand. Bend your four fingers and thread them through the elastic and let the elastic snap into place.

So at this point, the rubber band should appear around two fingers on the back of your hand and around four fingers on the palm side.

Once you’re all set, raise your hand with your back to the audience. As fast as you can, straighten all four fingers and it will appear as if the rubber band magically jumps from finger to finger.

Rubber Two-Rope Switch (No Thumb)

Start by pulling out an elastic band and wrapping it around all four fingers as if you were about to do a jump with a rubber band. After the first elastic is set, lift your fingers slightly so that you can grasp the second elastic. Repeat by wrapping a second rubber band around your four fingers, making sure they don’t cross each other. Lift your finger and the elastic will jump.

For a final touch, twist a third elastic band around your four fingers. It works best if the rubber band is wrapped below the lowest knuckle.

This way, the rubber band is always in view, even when you’re holding hands. Explain to your audience how the rubber bands get stuck underneath the rubber band and how they can’t leave their fingers. Continue doing the trick as described earlier and basically skip the third rubber band. It will work the same way.

Rubber band space movement magic

Find a player to support you. Ask the player to hold the rubber band with both hands. Then put another rubber band on my thumb and index finger and cross it under the elastic the helper was holding.

Next move the rubber band stuck on the other side’s rubber band left and right. Next, below, use the tip of your middle finger to press the rubber band hanging from your index finger. While pressing the rubber band with your middle finger, take your index finger out. When the middle finger is lifted, the crossed and suspended rubber bands separate like magic.

However, this trick is very easy to be noticed by the opponent. So we have to perform quickly as soon as the rubber band comes off, I put my rubber band on the rubber band that the assistant is holding.

Magic ring through rubber band

With the little and middle fingers of both hands hooked together with an elastic band, two elastic bands are pulled out into 4 rows. The ring finger hooks into the fourth row from the outside.

Then use your index finger to hook this from the outside. In this way, the first angle seen from the front is actually the fourth angle. Thumbs press straight on the rubber band of the middle finger. The first time loosen the index finger, the second time relax the thumb, and at the same time bring the middle finger up a little, otherwise the gap will be too small.

Finally let go of the ring finger, and then everyone will see a ring that can pierce the rubber band and fall down layer by layer.

The elastic band trick is strangely disappearing

Pull a rubber band on the left thumb and index finger, the elastic is parallel to the ground.

Use the index finger of your right hand to lift another rubber band (at a 90 degree angle to the ground) and place it in the “pull the rubber band with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand” circle, and place the of your right hand on “another rubber band”.

This way, the two elastic bands can pull together but they can’t come off. However, do not change the angle between the two rubber bands and the ground.

This is an important step. Left arm does not move. Drag your right thumb and index finger to your right horizontal line (that is, in a direction parallel to the ground) until your right thumb and index finger stick together.

Do not move the right thumb, at the same time move the right index and middle fingers naturally (key points): right index finger next to the right hand, right middle finger clamped with an elastic band, right index finger. fingers pointing outward, and the right index finger through the right thumb.

Then quickly put on the elastic of the middle finger, and at the same time lift the index finger of the right hand. This way, the two rubber bands no longer intersect, meaning the original rubber band has come loose.

The trick of the elastic band is to loosen up when you tighten it

For this trick you will need an elastic band. Then thread the elastic through your thumb. Use the index finger of the other hand to pull it out. Insert your little finger and take the cross knot. Use your little finger to thread the lower string to get the upper string to cross. The rest slips into the thumb holding the elastic band.

Next you will form a circle with your thumb and index finger so that everyone can see that the elastic is completely in your hand and has no gaps. At this point, pull hard on the elastic and release. It will pop out.

Elastic band to catch your finger

A pretty simple trick for you. For this trick you need an elastic band to pull out with your index finger, but you need to stretch even more so that the little finger can also be threaded through.

Use your middle finger to shape the zipper part of your index finger. And point the palm so that the audience can only see the part of the zipper coming out from the index finger and thumb.

Next you can select any one finger from the other hand. Use that finger to grab the elastic from the little finger. Make a gesture like a rubber band is catching your finger. Then let go of the middle finger to shape the elastic band that has caught your finger.

Elastic band through the palm

Using an elastic band at the wrist, you can put a few more elastic bands on the wrist to cover the eyes of the viewer. From the elastic band at your wrist, pull it up in this position lying face down. Thread the string between your thumb and index finger.

Then use a piece to wrap around your thumb and thread it through the palm of your hand so that it looks like your hand is threading an elastic band. Next you just need to hold the other hand on the palm of the hand holding the elastic band, release the thumb and that’s it.

In the above article, we share with you 10 tips to use VISUAL rubber bands that anyone can do. Good luck with your application.

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