Top 5 Fake magic tricks on America’s Got Talent

You enjoy the magic show. But surely you will be more interested in fake magic tricks. It means you think the magician will do a grand magic show.

With things that they showed you but didn’t. Magicians will be things you wouldn’t expect. And now I’m going to show everyone the fake magic tricks of America’s Got Talent.

Lioz Shem Tov and magic tricks and beautiful judges

He greeted the pitch also impressed with the dimming of the spotlight. Right after the introduction he wanted to find a volunteer. To do the trick with him. But that was just his trick because he had already targeted the beautiful female judge from the start.

America’s Got Talent magic tricks golden buzzer

Once he had a partner he started his performance. Pick up a copy from your suitcase. Then it started like drawing that female judge. And after he finished drawing, he showed her and asked her. Is this her. In fact, the plate he is holding inside is a mirror.

Not stopping there, he immediately gave her 2 mysterious boxes for her to choose. When she finished choosing, he motioned for her to stand with her back to him. Guess what’s inside the box? That’s right, a nylon bag.

In the other box was a banana, so he ate it quickly. While on the other side she was expecting something unexpected. But when I opened the bag and turned around, I received a banana peel.

Leaving her speechless. Next he took out a toy watch from his pocket. And the other judges also received a toy watch. Which I already have in my pocket.

One of the miracles that Lioz Shem Tov brought to America’s Got Talent

With each squeeze is a different animal rabbit, turtle, dog, … with flexible movements. When he was bored, he approached the judges’ table. Show a large deck of cards and ask one to draw a card. But don’t show him what card it is.

Top 5 kid magic tricks America’s Got Talent

It looks like you’re looking for a card here. Like no he had brought a smaller deck of cards. And ask for the big card that has just been drawn to enter the tiny deck. So he was very excited when he found the card that had just been drawn. Laughter broke out when he learned that the tiny deck he was using was all white inside.

Finally, a magic show with dolls. Somehow he made the doll’s legs automatically move and walk. But it’s actually a wind-up doll.

The magic films made Simon unable to believe his eyes

The first is the magic screen of Ryan Tricks and the cards. He invited two male judges to perform magic tricks with him. Next is to have them choose a card, to their surprise the card they chose is the same. One can control the other. Next is to put an object in Simon’s hand. And let the other person guess how it was made. Yes, he guessed right. This is like spiritual communion.

Brett Loudermilk is the next magician with manly pink hair. As soon as he finished greeting, he invited the beautiful female judge to come on stage with him. Start performing with the sword from straight to drinking amount. And finally three swords at the same time.

Bona Vega with her cool transformation magic. With a glittering diva outfit. Make the judges extremely excited.

Lioz Shem Tov is her performance at America’s Got Talent semi-finals

Lioz Shem Tov is a funny magician and manipulates objects with his superpowers. He got fat by making things fall by themselves. Followed by a rope he pulled it out. As a rule, it will self-retract. But not when he ordered it to be recorded, wow.

He continued to do obvious things like blow the ball. And pull out the tissue from the box, open the trash can lid. The self-winding doll walks, shaping animals with gas-filled gloves. He continued with a mysterious bag.

This was followed by asking a judge about a number with a letter. But the letter must be he chooses. Finally he took out a huge size. Make the judges laugh and be amazed.

But his expression remained unchanged. Very serious, making others unable to help but laugh. When he met MC, he gave her a blue plastic watch. Make everyone enjoy themselves.

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