17 Magic Props With Fire That Will Make Audience Scare and Surprise

Something that can both frighten and surprise people is sure to be highly effective.

Magic is the same, if there are props that can make the audience tremble and surprised, your magic show will be very successful.

Follow the following recommended props.

Fire Glass Magic Props

Glass of transparent fire with burning flames will make magic show more special.

A special glass helps you achieve many impressive performances.

The glass can shoot out a large amount of snow and then ignite an impressive fire.


Fire Gimmick Invisible Anywhere

The magician borrows the wallet and money of any audience and shows everyone his hands are empty.

As soon as the audience took their belongings, fire from within instantly burst out.

A stand and fake finger will make the performance of your magic show much easier.

The burning fuel you prepare will be safer for this dangerous magic show.

Fire zip bag Magic Props

The pockets are a familiar item to all magicians.

However, the Fire zip bag is sure to surprise everyone.

The bag has a unique design that allows you to create a huge flame without affecting the contents.

Despite the intricate design, this fire bag is completely affordable.

Plasma fire wallet V2

Since the traditional ignition head is not absolutely sensitive, the feeling of fire is not really good for magic shows

An alternate debut prop has this inconvenience.

Plasma fire wallet V2 is a product introduced to completely overcome the limitations of basic fire silencers.

With the push of a button, the plasma beam will help you to size the squeeze with ease.

Combo 4-Finger Fire

A magician who creates fire out of his bare hands is dramatic because they are so dangerous and can cause burns.

The performers took turns passing their fingers through the candle flame.

This effect is made possible by the use of a special Metal Gimmick that fits your finger.

It adds a dramatic effect to your program if used correctly.

Turn the flame to your fingertips and use your flaming finger to light a cigarette.

Miraculous Fire Magic Props

A Miracious Fire is a device that emits sparks that light or ignite any material.

The Miracious Fire is an improved, more stable, and flammable electric ignition device.

They are small but powerful and easy to use and hide.

You can completely perform naturally without rubbing them to burn.

Head Fire Magic Props

Head Fire Magic Props are one of the most exclusive props.

This item comes in two different models: Tora exclusive and international.

The product has a tube with a nice lid placed on the base and the cap is used to put out the fire.

Your audience or assistant will sit down in a chair so you can put the tube on their head.

The real fire flared up and the assistant was unharmed.

Tora Fire Drawer Box ( 3 Times)(Silver)

You will show it completely empty by reaching over it and when you want, huge flames will explode from within.

Then you will bring what you want: a pigeon, object.

This box contains a large load capacity.

The multitude of holes in one of the box’s surfaces allow for an enhanced vacuum effect.

A beautiful pigeon or countless objects will appear inside this box.

This box’s drawer can only be disassembled from the rest after appearance.

Tora Automatic Fire to Flower Vase

This is a product produced and designed by Tora Magic Company.

Just use a stick to poke the box, the fire will burn.

Furthermore, when pressed hard on the bottom of the box, a bunch of flowers will jump out of the box.

Tora Fire Newspaper

The mystery behind this props will leave your audience’s mouth open.

The magician opens an ordinary newspaper and pretends there is nothing in it.

While reading a certain page, all of a sudden, the newspaper burned with a huge flame that didn’t stop.

The procedure can be performed multiple times for a surprise.

Tora Fire to Flower Vase (3 Times)

The magician presents flower pots for the audience to see.

Then, using a stick to touch the flower pot will cause it to burn.

When he touched the flowerpot with the stick, a bouquet of flowers appeared instead of fire

In the next time, the colorful flowers will turn into two flower pots and then three pots.

Fire book to dove

The magician is reading the book and then closing the book and opening it again, it appears a pigeon.

Such a thin book that turns into pigeons will be a surprise in this performance.

You can use the battery for an ignition device.

Fire Can Botania Magic Props

Prepare an empty vase and convince everyone that it is completely empty.

The magician still held it in his hand, a burning flame in the vase.

Although an attempt was made to extinguish it with a nearby tap but was unsuccessful.

The fire extinguished by placing the stain on the vase.

As soon as the sprinkles were removed from the vase a large beautiful bouquet of flowers appeared in place of the fire.

Fire dove pan 3 time

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Candle Flame Movement Fire Rubber Finger

The candle emits flames of movement on rubber fingers.

These are brand new and high quality props.

A very simple thumb with a rope can be used to switch flames.

Be careful not to burn your finger with fire.

Fire rose Magic Props

A magician magically creates a rose.

It can then disappear with a spark.

The rose continues to be created again without any additional props.

Just like that, the number of gold roses created increases and you can give it to your audience to enjoy.

Fire Gloves Magic Props

Fire fighting gloves with rubber material.

The flaming bird magic went to the stage and lit the torch

Burning flames will scare the audience.

With a set of props, you will have 10 pairs of firefighting gloves and detailed instructions for use.

Fire is very dangerous and scares many spectators, but it comes with surprise.

The props are presented at an affordable price and are safe for the user.

Certainly the more thrilling magic shows will bring high efficiency.

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