Top 15 Magic Tricks That You Can Do For Your Friends

Before the skillful magic show, many spectators will panic and not believe their eyes.

That is completely correct because the magician’s manipulation is too professional.

Here I will introduce to you the magic tricks you can do for your friends to see.

Topic about: Magic Tricks, Card Tricks, DIY Magic, Coin Magic
Level of difficult: Easy, Normal
Appropriate age: Form 10 to 20 Year Olds
Price: Free Magic Trick
Suitable for: Everyone Can Do (Little Pratice)

Magic Trick: Colorful wreaths from empty bags

In this magic trick, you’ll buy a paper bag with foldable items that match the bottom of the bag.

The bottom of this paper bag has rows of flowers and color boxes.

These items can fold into a piece of paper that is the same color as the bottom of the paper bag.

When you show the audience the bottom of the paper bag, they surely quite unexpect.

Magic trick: The white notebook suddenly appeared with a cartoon

The audience are shown blank pages of paper in the notebook

Colored pictures will appear in a surprising way in your notebook.

Make sure that, the magician needs to remember exactly the page of the number book has white paper and color pictures.

Magic trick: Cards cannot be cut

At the first time you, put the card in the paper box.

Then the audience will see the card which is cut to pieces.

Really the card will overlap the pre-cut card, which create a sudden feeling for the audience.

Don’t pull out the cut cards in front of the audience.

Magic prop: The red ball and the colorful dices

You need to know that the bottom of this box has some glue.

The ball will be sticked so as soon as you put the ball in the box.

Pretend to put the red ball in the palm of your hand and pass it on to someone else’s hand is the next step.

The ball is fall down when you open your hand to show for the viewers to see.

Magic trick: A birthday cake from the iron box

You have to know that the cake is hidden in the iron box from the beginning.

When you place the lower box on the large lid and screw one, the cake will pop out.

With the special structure of the box, you should do the very clever and magical gesture.

The cake pops up as soon as you unscrew the lid of the aluminum box.

Magic trick: A dollar bill turns into two dollar bills

Use scissors to cut the bill into the pieces in front of the audience.

Suddenly, two parts of the bill were cut into two notes.

In fact, we used glue to stick two notes together and cut the bill in half and the audience would see the notes together.

Magic trick: The wallet burn itself

With two compartments, an empty one for audiences to see, and one for performances, we will easy to do this magic trick.

At the first time, you should pour a chemical into the compartment of the wallet.

Until the final scene, the wallet will catch ifself fire in a panic mood.

Magic trick: The puzzle piece is assembled from small pieces

From many small color puzzle pieces, you can assemble tham into a large piece.

Let’s take small pieces out in sequence, different pieces will be selected to put into their position.

Some magic tricks will make the trick more interesting

Then, stick those pieces behind the large paper that you previous prepared.

Taking care not to expose the back of the paper.

Magic trick: Crumble a coin

The coin will be hidden in the palm of your hand and the audience can completely see that thing.

When you open your hand, suddenly the coin disappears.

The coin have moved from the palm of the hand is just a gesture.

Your other hand will hold the coin without being seen by the audience while the other hand is still crushing the coin.

The act of crumpling a coin and holding the coin is the main key to perform this trick.

Magic trick: Adhesive tape and money

Let the audience see that there is nothing in your hand from the beginning and hold the coin with the tape.

In the next step, you will use one hand to put the coin into the palm of the other hand.

The coin will be glued to the back of our hand which the viewer don’t see when you rotate your body.

Similarly, you can also do this magic trick with a lot of coins.

Magic trick: Rubik block changes itself color

This trick will have a black box stacked with mixed colored rubics and a rubik box with five side at the different color.

Actually the rubic with mixed color is just a box and it will be superimposed on the black box.

You need to hold your hands tightly when placing or these overlap to get a rubik case with 5 sides with different colors.

Then simply take out the five colored rubies with the five faces.

Magic trick: The metamorphose of the big card

The card shapes are designed for easy movement with a variety of color which will create for the viewers interesting feeling.

Note that you should keep the right part of the card that can move, so the effectiveness of this magic trick will be high.

By tightly hold the card with our hands, we can easily change the card’s shape.

Be careful not to change the wrong picture on the card.

Magic trick: The cards are drawn in long strings

When you pull the cards out, the audience will think your manipulation is very professional and well-drawn.

You can pull cards in multiple directions without falling over.

In fact, this deck has a special structure with the thread being strung between the cards that the naked eye can hardly see.

Magic trick: The dollar bill recovers

You use a pen to pierce the dollar bill and rotate it around for the audience to see.

There is a special thing is that a detachable part of the pen can to insert the dollar bill.

This magic trick will make many of you regret when the dollar bill is pierced, but in the end they will breathe a sigh of relief because it is not torn.

The audience will feel the pen piercing the dollar bill, but not torn

Magic trick: The card is not subdued by the pencil

The props is totally simple as a pen and a card will be the main tool for this magic trick.

Everyone knows you need a sharp object to pierce this card, but for this game we only need a pencil.

This is the reason why you need to prepare for a card that has a hole in it, but can pop it out.

Then, we will use the pencil to pierce the blue side of the card to make it difficult for the audience to detect.

These simple fun magic tricks are sure to make you enjoy exploring and learning more and more new things day by day.

As well as anything, we have to be patient and create passion for ourselves.

Therefore, let’s do them regularly to achieve high results as you expect.

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