Top 5 professional magic props for magician

For a magician to be successful in every performance, professional props are definitely indispensable.

This article will introduce you to the props that great magicians use.

Magic trick: Rubic blocks self-aligning

First, you will show the audience the rubies in shuffled order.

Then you put a black case on this messy rubic.

Inside this black case is a rubic case with the order arranged on five faces in five different colors.

You need to hold the black case tightly to be able to take out the sorted rubic case.

Magic trick: Cigarette pack disappears in black box

The main tools needed for this magic trick are the magic cigarette box and a black box.

The cigarette box has two sides with different construction. On the one hand there will be fake cigarettes.

The other side is hollow and black in the same color with the other black bottle.

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Then you stuff the surface of the cigarette pack into the black box and the audience will think that the cigarette pack is completely gone.

Magic trick: The glass box turns into a red scarf

First, you put a mirror in the plastic box and put the red scarf behind the mirror.

Then you toss up the plastic box and immediately turn the side containing the red towel out for the audience to see.

The audience will immediately think that this plastic box has turned into a red scarf.

Magic trick: The giant card causes the box of cards to disappear

With a removable cover and the back that resembles the back of a giant card, this magic trick is easy to do.

First, show your audience the box of cards .

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Then, cover the box with a giant card and quickly stick the box into the big card.

When the giant card is removed, the audience can only see the cards, not the card box.

Magic trick: A giant card changes shape

The audience will see the shape of the previous card, but at this point your hand will still be holding the movable part of the card.

Then, rotate the card inward and let go of the hand holding the card’s motion picture.

When the card is turned out, the shape of the red card will turn into a black card.

The above magic tricks can be quite unfamiliar to many of you.

However, please rest assured that the props in these magic tricks can be found in most magic stores.

As long as you quickly own yourself these fancy props, there’s an attractive magic show!

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