Easy close up magic card tricks will make your friends surprise

This life will be more interesting if you know how to surprise others. One of the ways is to become a magician.

The magician mentioned here does not necessarily represent dangerous magic tricks.

This article will help you closer to your dream of becoming a magician with simple card magic tricks.

Magic trick: The dollar bill is pierced but not pierced

To perform this magic trick, you need to prepare a random dollar bill and two cards.

First, you use scissors to cut half of the card out and stick the cut to another card.

Fold the dollar bill in half and clip the card to the note on the attached part.

You have to rotate the sticky face to show it to the audience.

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Move the card between the dollar bill and then remove the card from the dollar bill.

Note that you must not let the audience see the front face of the card because this will reveal the problem of the card.

Magic trick: A card that appears in the middle of cards, but doesn’t pierce

First, use scissors to cut off the top of a card.

Then, your hand holds two cards, the cut card is placed below.

The other hand places the third card in the cut and you must not reveal the cut to the audience.

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When spectators look below, they will see that the third card does not alternate between the other two cards but the upper part pierces through.

This is the surprising point for this magic trick.

Magic trick: Rub the card against the leg to make it disappear

In this magic trick you will perform three cards rub against your thigh.

The first two times the card is still intact.

The third time you will do the authoring move as if you took the card out to rub, but the card is still in the deck.

Magic trick: Only all black or red cards exist

First, you’ll use scissors to cut the top of the black cards so that they are shorter than the red cards.

Then, alternating black cards with red cards.

Arrange the cards carefully so that they do not stick out from the sticky part.

When you spread your cards to the audience, they see only either black cards or red cards.

Magic trick: Black cards turn red cards

At the start, prepare alternating black and red cards.

Then, use scissors to cut the black and red cards in half in a triangle shape.

Stick them together so that a card of the same color is alternated in the middle of the card is cut.

Spread the cards twice, the first time, viewers will see red and black cards interspersed.

The second time the audience will be surprised because the black cards all turn red.

It’s easy to perform the above magic tricks right!

Every day, practicing these games will make your magic level rise to a new level.

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