Top 5 stage magic props every magician must have

Each passing day will be boring if you do not have a passion to pursue.

Magic will be one of the interesting passions that I want to introduce to you today.

Magic props dancing cane magic tricks

You will rotate the cane without touching, holding the stick with one finger.

Next, rotate the club around many times without using your hands.

The key to this magic trick is the invisible string that connects your hand to the stick.

Controlling the string will be a bit difficult for beginners because the rope is too fragile.

The skillful fingers of the hand control the movement of the stick.

Top 20 Magic Props Everyone Can Use

Red towels appear in plastic bottles

At the first, you put the plastic vegetarian dish in the iron jar.

A red scarf unexpectedly appears in transparent plastic.

Actually, the plastic vegetarian cap is empty, so you can put a towel inside the plastic veggie.

In addition, you can refer to the following twenty props that people can use to perform magic tricks.

Magic Tricks With Light Up Thumbtip

Top 5 Magic Props Can Make Magic Trick With Fire

The glowing thumb will be passed from this hand to other hand, threaded through the legs.

The main props for performing this magic trick are the lighting device and the fake finger.

The act of passing between hands will make the audience constantly surprised.

Then, you turn on the switch to light up the device and immediately turn off to switch to the other hand.

Similarly for the other hand, you turn on the light to show the audience and immediately turn off.

Tear And Restore Card Tricks

At the first time, you will show your audience all the discrete pieces.

Your other hand holds the puzzle piece and attach it to the back of the larger piece.

Unfolding the large puzzle piece with all the shapes as small pieces.

Surely the audience will think you use magic to glue them together.

Flower Bag Simple Magic Trick

The main props in this magic trick is a paper bag with a special structure.

The bottom of this paper bag has rows of flowers and color boxes.

These items can fold into a piece of paper that is the same color as the bottom of the paper bag.

Therefore, you will never be detected when you show the audience the bottom of the paper bag.

It’s amazing how you can perform these magic tricks on your own for the first time.

Because the games I have introduced are so simple, do not worry too much about it.

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