5 selected magic props that all magicians like

Magic trick: Iron box turns red scarf

First, you’ll show the audience the empty iron box.

With a special structure, the iron box has a compartment containing red towel.

That compartment is placed behind it and not visible to the audience.

After you reinsert the compartment into the box, you will pull out the red towel from that drawer.

Magic trick: Many pieces turn into one large piece

First of fall, you will in turn show the audience many pieces of discrete color paper.

Stick all the pieces of the puzzle into the back of the large paper.

The large sheet of paper is the complete picture of all the original small discrete pieces.

The best magic props that you should not ignore

The audience will think that you use magic to put new pieces together.

Magic tric: The smoke makes the card disappear

To create mysterious smoke, you need to fuel the engine that emits smoke.

Then, stick the engine to your wrists and cover them with your sleeves.

Cover the cards with the smoke-emitting hand and quickly take the second card to replace the top card.

Just like that, the audience will think that the magic smoke has disappeared the card.

Magic trick: Empty bag turn out the eggs

The bag has a special construction with a compartment containing the eggs and an empty compartment for spectators to see.

You take the eggs out and reopen the empty compartment for the audience to see.

You must not let the audience know that this bag has two different compartments.

Magic trick: Mysterious black box

Firstly, you need to prepare a black box with a drawer with lots of coins and dice.

Then, knock on the box many times and the audience will see the objects disappear.

A specially constructed box can hide objects in and pull out an empty compartment.

Dice and coins and a black drawer with a black box will be sold at many magic stores.

Many magicians will choose popular props that are sold at many famous shops.

With only the above tools, you will have an interesting magic trick.

Please refer to the following article for more info.

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