Top 20 Magic Props Everyone Can Use

When we study subjects in school or study gifted subjects, it is indispensable to lack the necessary tools.

And magic too, to have great magic tricks, there is definitely no shortage of props for performing.

Here we will watch each of the videos below to see what props most magicians can’t ignore.

Topic about: Magic Props
Level of difficult: Easy
Appropriate age: Over 10 Years Old
Price: From 1 $ to ~ 20 $
Suitable for: Newcomer & Professional

Five Magic Props You Will Love

Magic Props: The spoon turns into a fork

First, you take the spoon to rotate a few times to show the audience that the spoon is intact and has a normal structure.

Remember, absolutely do not let the audience touch and examine the spoon.

Because the spoon’s structure can be removed and so it turns into a fork.

You will use your hand to cover the removable part to pull out the spoon.

At the end, the audience only saw in front of them an intact fork and the spoon was gone out.

Magic prop: The black box transforms the dice

In the black box there will be a dice mounted on the lid of the box from the beginning.

You throw a dice into a black box and shake a few in front of the audience.

Then, hold the dice tightly in your hand and make a gesture that shows the audience that you have put the dice in the palm of your hand.

You will shake the dice on the lid of the box to fall off and show the audience the palm of your hand is completely empty.

The audience will think you can put the dice into the black box.

Magic prop: Cut card self-healing

Make sure that put the card in the paper box

An intact card will overlap the pre-cut card, giving the impression that the card is cut.

The audience sees the card cut to pieces, but it’s actually just a pre-cut card.

Note that you cannot always pull out the cut cards.

Magic prop: The bent fork becomes intact

You have to know that the hand placement on the fork this time will be very important.

If the audience asks you why you are holding a strange position on the fork, do not rush to answer and replace it with your mysterious smile.

Because the place where you put your hand on the fork is where you can control the fork according to your needs.

Make it look like you have the incredible power to bend a fork to give your audience a boost!

Magic prop: The wallet ignites itself

Do you believe the wallet can set itself on fire and extinguish itself?

This wallet is made up of two compartments, an empty one for audiences to see, and one for performances.

Use a pre-prepared chemical vegetarian into the pads that come pre-installed in your wallet.

Then the wallet will catch fire, frightening the viewer.

Five Funny Magic Props Everyone Can do

Magic prop: The box turns out a birthday cake

You have to know that the iron box has a special structure.

A cake is hidden on the box.

When you place the lower box and screw it, the birthday cake will pop out.

This magic game is very suitable to perform on the birthday of that girlfriend or child.

Magic prop: The bubbles turn into towels

The audience will see you to put a bubble in the center of the box and pull out the iron from the box.

At this time, you use that iron to pop the bubble.

The towel is hidden at the top of the box burst will appear when the shadow is broken.

Audience will feel the bubble will turn into a towel.

Magic prop: Burning the towel but not burned

At the first time, we put a towel in the hole of the first box.

Suddenly, turn the box around and pull the towel out. That way, the towel is not pierced through the plastic box.

When you put the plastic box over the candle, the towel won’t run.

Magic prop: A magic stick turns into a red rose

The stick is specially constructed with a rubber band to hold the red flower inside.

Create the act of turning out a flower, your hand will let go of the elastic to let the flower expand.

Take care not to let the audience see the hidden elastic.

Magic prop: Guess randomly cards

You deal until the audience stops talking.

Making some magic moves and then prophesies the chosen suit.

In fact, the Eight-Ro card has been chosen before.

When the table is dealt, push the eight cards in and deal the cards one after another until the audience stops and you will take out the eight cards.

Five Exciting Magic Props You Should Have

Magic prop: Magic enormous card

In the blink of an eye, you can turn from many small color puzzle pieces into one large piece.

Asmall pieces ard shown them to your audience.

You do some magic tricks and stick those pieces behind the large paper that you originally prepared.

Taking care not to expose the back of the paper.

Magic prop: The cards are connected together

Firstly, pull the cards out, your manipulation is very professional and clever.

Then, you can pull cards in multiple directions without falling over.

To sum up, that deck has a special structure with the thread being strung between the cards.

Magic prop: The pen pierced the dollar bill

The pen has a detachable part to insert the note paper.

You will use a pen to pierce the dollar bill and rotate it many times.

One certain thing is that the audience will feel the pen piercing the dollar bill, but not torn.

Magic prop: The can disappears with the scarf

Carefully, you will put the can in the box.

Wrap it up with a red scarf and the can unfortunately disappeared.

The can is actually empty and has a removable lid.

The move of pulling the scarf out took away the lid, making the audience feel the can disappeared.

Magic prop: The transparent box turns out red rope

Make sure that you must not reveal the lever behind the box.

Because the box has a special construction with clear plastic front and black back.

The back of the box is a latch to pull down the red string falling from the top of the box.

Five Close Up Magic Props

Magic prop: Mysterious note

The audience will be chosen any objects what they want.

There will be three pictures of those objects in the notebook.

you have to remember clearly the location of the object the audience chooses is on which page of the book.

If you remember the position wrongly, the magic trick is completely failed.

Magic prop: The red ball swaps positions

First of all, you need to know that the bottom of this box has some glue.

So as soon as you put the ball in, it will stick at the bottom of the box.

The important thing to do is to pretend to put the red ball in the palm of your hand and pass it on to someone else’s hand.

Hit strongly when you open your hand to catch the ball because it will fall down.

Magic prop: Magic zinc bar chanted cards

The audience will be chosen any card.

At that time, you use the lighter to burn the zinc rod into your chosen audience card.

Finally, we have pre-selected the Seven-card card and shaped the bar of zinc according to the Seven-card card.

Magic prop: Metal rings connected strangely

You cover the place where has a gap between the rings by your hand.

Don’t let the audience see the gaps of the rings unless you are revealed.

Until you knock on another metal ring, metal bracelets can be threaded together.

Magic prop: Black box that transforms a card

It may seem mysterious at first, but in fact, this black box is designed to hide the card already in place.

With the strange construction of this box, when you tilt it in one direction, the audience cannot see the available card.

After you insert another card into the black box, that card is retained.

And the card from the start will be shown to the audience.

This article I have shared with you many interesting but extremely simple magic tricks, right?

For those of you who have not done magic, do not worry because you can find these props in most of the magic shops.

Magic is like a skill. If it is a skill, as long as we practice hard, we will see improvement every day.

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