Top 5 magic props for sale you should buy

Currently on the market there are many props for magic performances.

If you are wondering which props to choose from, the following article is for you.

The cards are strung together

When you pull the cards out, the audience will think your manipulation is very professional and well-drawn.

You can pull cards in multiple directions without falling over.

In fact, this deck has a special structure with the thread being strung between the cards that the naked eye can hardly see.

The sealed box turns to red wire

The box is specially constructed with clear plastic front and black back.

The back of the box is a latch to pull down the red string falling from the top of the box.

Note that you must not reveal the lever behind the box.

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The pen pierced the dollar bill without tearing

First, you use a pen to pierce the dollar bill and rotate it around for the audience to see.

Actually the pen has a special construction, a detachable part to insert the note.

The audience will feel the pen piercing the dollar bill, but not torn.

Magic knife and dollar bill

First, you use a knife to pierce the paper and cut it in a horizontal line.

And of course we’re not going to shove a dollar bill, but only create an author manipulation when shoving a blank sheet of paper.

Only by doing so will the dollar bill remain intact.

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Magic props dancing cane magic tricks

Plastic rod turns the color of the lamp

The blue plastic rod is specially constructed with pre-arranged colored lights.

As long as you control the handle bar a little skillfully, you will be able to move the colored lights in the plastic bar.

Note that you need to carefully hold the plastic stick to prevent the audience from seeing that you are deliberately moving the stick.

Simple but extremely popular props. You will be sure that you will find it at most magic stores.

Choose from a variety of paths to make your performance more interesting.

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