The best magic props that you should not ignore

The market has a lot of magic performance props sold in many shops but you need to choose the best props for you.

To get the most out of your performance, you need to choose the following props.

Holy key

You hold two keys in your hand and show them to the audience. The key with the thicker iron bar turns into the same key as the other.

In fact, you can buy a key with a special structure at magic shops.

A thin iron is designed to attach to the end of the key.

The iron magic pot turned out a towel

First, you put the plastic vegetarian dish in the iron jar. Suddenly a red scarf appears in transparent plastic.

Actually, the plastic vegetarian cap is empty, so you can put a towel inside the plastic veggie.

In addition, you can refer to the following twenty props that people can use to perform magic tricks.

Top 20 Magic Props Everyone Can Use

Fake fingers contain towels

Top 5 professional magic props for magician

First, you take the yellow scarf and tuck it in your hand. Then do some magic moves and pull the scarf out.

How surprising! The red scarf turns yellow in the blink of an eye.

Actually, you use your fake finger to hide the red scarf in it.

You put the plastic vegetarian in the transparent box.

Then use the gauze bar to cut the plastic but take out the plastic but still remain intact.

In fact, how plastic can be reassembled when cut has done this miracle.

With only simple magic tools, you have magic magic right away.

Quickly choose for yourself many suitable props for magic performance.

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