Magic Shop Online: 5 Magic Tricks You Can Learn For Free

Nowadays, you do not need to spend as much money to learn magic performance as in the old days.

Instead, it’s free to learn magic shows through online videos.

Randomly deal four cards of the same

First, you randomly divide the cards into four sections on the table.

Incidentally, the four Poker was shared in one part.

In fact, four Sic Bo is lined up on the top of the deck and your job is to act as the dealer.

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Magic controls the card

You hold a colored card in your hand and the other hand do some magic moves.

Magic moves are performed continuously and the other hand will shield the invisible strings behind the card.

When you control the back of the card, the shapes on the card move up and down.

The audience will think that there is card control magic.

Bite the card, but the card is still intact

First, you show the audience all sides of the card.

You then bring the card closer to your mouth and make the author bite the card.

When you make the author bite the card, the hand holding the card gently pushes the part of the card downwards to create the feeling that the card has been bitten.

Note the movement of pulling a small piece of the card down should be careful to avoid the audience detecting your trick.

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Finding the original card

First, you have the audience pick any card and place it at the top of the deck.

You then shuffle up the cards at random and draw a card with a number of Five.

You look for the number six card from card number 5 and find the card that audience initially chose.

In fact, these cards are pre-arranged and you need to master them.

Empty bags turn out gift boxes

You need to show the audience an empty box before performing.

After that, you take turns to take out the cute gift boxes.

A long string of flowers taken out of the empty box will surely surprise the audience.

In fact, the structure of these objects can be folded into a piece of paper the same color as the bottom of the box.

Your job is just to carefully pull it out.

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