Top 5 Cool Card Magic Tricks For Kids

Card tricks are very interesting magic tricks. However, there are many card magic tricks that require some time to be practiced.

This is a barrier for kids who want to learn card magic. For that reason, 7magicinc selected some easy and fun magic tricks to share with everyone, especially kids who want to learn card magic.

Color Change Card Trick When Spread The Deck

This is a cards trick based on an action spread the deck. The secret of this magic trick relies on letting your cards go aside and spread the cards.

This action will cover the card and be replaced with a prepared card.

Swap 2 Cards Simple Magic Tricks

This can be considered a classic magic trick in card magic.

When I first started learning magic, this was one of the first magic tricks that I learned.

Simply by using the double lift technique, you can surprise your viewers.

Top 5 Easy Magic Tricks Kids Can Do

Cards Swap Positions Card Tricks

This is a card trick that seems impossible to any magician, if you use an ordinary deck of cards.

And that’s the secret of this card trick, we use a deck of cards with the same two cards.

Cut off the Card and Restore to its Original State

This is a pretty cool magic props to do a really cool card trick … that’s cut the card into 3 parts and restore it.

You don’t have to understand the structure of this magic props, just doing it right will surprise everyone.

Top 20 Magic Trick For Kid That They Can Learn Easy

Automatic Prophetic Wire Cards Trick

This is a magic card trick that uses science to surprise everyone.

In the physical world, there is a metal … with a memory, it can restore its original form when exposed to high temperatures.

And that is the secret of this magic trick. Just apply some other techniques in cards magic.

Above are 5 magic tricks with simple cards that anyone can do, including kids.

These 5 magic tricks may be very familiar to magicians, but it may surprise the average audience.

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