Top 9 Cheap Magic Tricks Anyone Can Buy At The Magic Shop

Magic is an art that requires regular practice and also requires you to … spend money.

Magicians need magic props to perform. Magic props can cost from a few dollars to tens thousands dollars and more.

Today, I list some surprisingly cheap magic props that you may not know.

Thumbtip Cheap Magic Tricks

An extremely popular magic trick for all magicians. It can be said, if you do not know about Thumbtip, then you are not a real magician.

Thumbtips are small, but can do … hundreds of magic tricks. It can be combined with many other magic props to create interesting magic tricks.

Floating Match Invisible Magic Tricks

Matchsticks hovering over the card. This is a very interesting close-up and interactive magic trick.

The audience is invited to work with you, and of course, they can’t make the match float like you do.

Interestingly, the secret of this magic trick was right in front of them, but they didn’t notice it.

Finger Chopper Horror Magic Tricks

You have a guillotine. You put the carrot in and … DUST, the carrot was sliced in half. And then your fingers … DUST, your fingers are still intact.

This magic trick is quite impressive, it makes the audience somewhat scared when watching. But don’t worry, you and your audience are completely safe with this magic trick.

Cups and Balls Classic Magic Trick

I don’t really like this magic trick. But the effect of this magic trick is also very good.

The magician takes the ball out of the cup and then … disappears it. The ball reappeared in the glass mysteriously. This is a fairly common magic trick.

Magical Prophecy David Copperfield Has Performed

This is a magic trick David Copperfield has perform. This magic trick haunted a lot of people before when David Copperfield had read the thoughts of millions of people … through the screen.

It would be hard to believe, but this magic trick’s method makes it possible. Magicians can turn the card that the audience has chosen, no matter what the card.

Cards Calculation Magic Tricks With Numbers

You think a number between 1 and 60 and the magician will guess that number after a few questions.

This is a really interesting mathematical trick. You don’t even need to understand the mathematical principles within it, you can still do it.

The principle of this magic is developed and applied to many other interesting magic tricks.

Fire to Rose Magic Tricks With Flowers

This is a very romantic and “hot” magic trick. This magic trick is about fire and roses.

The fire turned into a flower right in front of the audience. However, the flower is fake.

In order to make the magic show more impressive, I think you should practice more flower swap. You can then give the audience or someone you like a real flower to.

Monte Trick of Gambler

“Pay attention to the K” that’s what you say to the audience. Then, you perform a magic trick to disappear the K in front of the audience that makes them unable to understand.

All movements can be done very slowly, you show the audience step by step, then, the K disappears, transforming into a white card.

Quick Calculation Blocks Magic Puzzle Tricks

You will become a “super brain” calculated with this magic trick. Calculate the sum of four four-digit numbers almost immediately.

You can even count faster even if your audience uses a computer. Because when they use computers, they have to dial numbers. And you, you will see the results appear clearly and mysteriously.

This is a great magic trick to perform at school.

Despite being very cheap, these magic props can bring great magic effects and surprise the audience.

Even the simplest magic trick, as long as you perform it wholeheartedly with passion, you will be surprised at what it has to offer.

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