Top 5 Easy Magic Tricks Kids Can Do

Many parents often think that magic is an art that takes a lot of practice to be able to do. However, there are many magic tricks for children that can be done without any practice.

Here, 7magicINC introduces you to 5 magic tricks that children can do at home.

Use Your Mind To Move The Bolt

Superpowers are something any kid wants to have. With this magic trick, babies can use their thoughts to control the bolts to rotate automatically.

The magic trick is extremely easy to perform, with just a single finger gesture, your kid can do it. Magic props can be checked out by the audience after acting.

Magic With Pen and Amulet

Turn a pen into a necklace, what do you think of this possibility? Your kid can completely do this magic trick after a few minutes of practice.

To make the magic trick better and more convincing, use a ring to center the pen before starting the “transformation”.

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Key Thru Bottle Magic Tricks

A key is not used to open a door but is used for magic. One key can be checked by the audience.

The key miraculously passed through the water bottle and surprised the audience with the performers’ abilities

Magic Tricks with Magic Cube

What is the world’s Rubik rotation speed for seconds? Regardless, you can do more if you want to.

You show the audience a mixed Rubik’s cube, then you put the cube inside the black jar, after taking it out, the cube is finished, you can let the audience comfortably check.

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Bite and Restore Card Tricks

Action seems like a mischief, but it is an interesting magic trick. Our little magician will bite… the card and tear the card.

After that, the gripping scene comes, with a magical breath the magician blows on the card, then the card will recover.

With the simple magic tricks above, children can easily do it without too much practice. Just a few minutes of practice, your kid can surprise everyone, surprise friends and family.

Magic also helps kid become more confident in front of the crowd, helping them become the focus of the class and be more loved by their friends.

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