6 Simple Magic Tricks for Kids To Do

Many people think that magic is very difficult visual deception and not everyone can do it.

This thinking may be correct in some way, but in reality, there are many simple magic tricks anyone can do.

Here are some of such magic tricks.

The book prophesies the chosen objects

A book of prophecy, its results are always accurate, not luck.

You leave 3 items on the table, a pen, a key, a phone.

The audience will choose any item on the table, and the book of prophecy will show predictable results.

Magic that turns a spoon into a fork

Spoon and fork are two very familiar items on the dining table. This is a magic trick that will help you turn a spinach into … a fork

The secret sometimes is so simple that it will surprise you, you are simply using a portion of the spoon to cover the fork.

7 Easy Magic Tricks for Children To Do

Use Your Mind bends the fork

One classic magic that people often see on-screen is to use their thoughts to … bend a fork.

This magic trick may seem “difficult” but it is actually easier than you think. All you need is to loosen your hand and switch the angle accordingly.

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Magic ball through the hands of the audience

A glass and a ball, that’s all the audience saw.

The ball is put into a glass, then poured into the hands of the audience. Then the audience takes the cup, you hold the ball.

Now, you will take the ball and throw it through the hands of the audience and appear in the cup … amazing.

The box transforms the card in the blink of an eye

The audience chooses a card and you find that card. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it

But it’s not that simple, you find a card, but it’s not the card the audience picks.

Then, you put the card in a box, when you take the card out, the card is transformed into the target card.

Magic taking a coin out of the hands of the audience

Magic with two gold and silver coins.

Gold and silver, which coin do you like. Whatever you like, the magician can take it out for you.

The audience has both coins on hand, and you’ll let the audience “keep” the coin they choose.

So you already know how to perform 6 simple and easy magic tricks.

There are some magic tricks that will take a little practice, but it’s still really easy, even kids can do it.

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