Top 5 Close up Magic Tricks Make You Don’t Believe in Your Eyes

Before the skillful magic show, many spectators will panic and not believe their eyes.

That is completely correct because the magician’s manipulation is too professional.

Here I will introduce to you the magic tricks you can’t believe in your eyes.

The magic of the card

It is strange that the cards are initially seen in blue.

Just turn your hand around and the bright blue card turns red.

More surprises when you pull the card with your hand may cause the card below to slowly change color.

Magic cards change color

In just a few short seconds the move to flip a red card turns the deck into blue.

In the blink of an eye, the magician can do that move so that the audience cannot believe his eyes.

The audience will think this is magic.

I will introduce to you some more amazing magic tricks in the link below.

5 select close up magic tricks will surprise everyone

A holy swing changes the card

First, you spread the cards out to your audience.

Then, you only need to gently shake it and the card in the first position can change in the blink of an eye.

Surely you are still thinking how to do that, right?

Changing the deck

Obviously you see three J cards, but just swapping those cards to another hand instantly turns into another card.

In a few seconds, the card could disappear instantly.

Surprising, right.

Pull the card into the black hole

With one hand you hold the card and the other hand will gradually pull the card down.

Why can the card be pulled down and disappear?

You guys are very surprised, right! In fact, it is just a skillful magician’s manipulation.

Although magic is simple, we need to know how to do it as cleverly as possible.

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How to do close up cardiographic magic tricks

Your ingenious manipulations can distract your magician’s eyes and make them think you are a professional magician.

However, please practice regularly to get the best results.

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