Top 5 easy card tricks to do

When it comes to magic, surely a lot of people know card magic.

Here I will guide you through simple magic tricks with lessons.

Using card change magic

First you take the alas card and shake one.

While shaking the card above you use your hand to gently pull the card arranged below it.

This move makes the audience think that you are using magic to change the card.

The card knows how to jump its position

First you show your audience the Eight-Piece card.

Then use your hand to gently pull up the card already ranked from below.

Note that you need to do this quickly to perform successfully.

Then the audience will not detect your movements.

I will introduce you some more magic tricks with this post. Please refer to the article below.

Learn To Do 10 Card Magic Tricks For Beginner

Cards that can swap positions

You need to prepare two cards in advance to be first.

Then use a flick to flip the card below.

You might think the card below has magic to change its position.

Note the hand-swinging movement that needs to be skillful.

Turn out random cards into the same card

First you arrange your lessons professionally.

Then, you randomly select a couple of pairs with the same four cards.

The decks are actually arranged in order.

Note that when shuffling your post, you must not mess with the original rules.

To be able to perform well, you need detailed instructions. Here is my tutorial on simple card magic tricks.

How to do 4 simple card tricks

Two-headed card

There will be four pre-prepared cards with black cards.

You randomly shuffle back to four red cards.

Actually, these cards have a special structure at the ends.

Take care not to reveal the top of the other card.

Magic tricks with cards look great but are easy to do right.

Please quickly own a few decks for yourself to practice proficiently.

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