Top 5 color changing card trick

Most popular magic tricks should definitely mention magic with cards.

There are many great magic tricks with cards, in this article I will guide you through magic tricks with changing the color of the card.

The shift of the card’s suit

First, you hold the card in your hand and show the audience from a variety of angles.

Your finger is placed behind the card and gently manipulates the invisible string behind the card.

Note that you must have the following controls for good drag and not let your audience detect it.

This clear string causes the cards to change gradually.

Cards switch positions

You show the audience the first card that is placed first.

Then, you use a gesture to pick up the cards from below.

This movement is skillfully done so that the audience cannot see it.

This magic trick will be an advantage for magicians with big hands because it is easy to hide the card below.

In addition, you can refer to a few more magic tricks with the following article.

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The card is cleverly concealed

First, you rotate the card in different angles to distract the audience’s attention.

Cards that are misplaced from all cards will be placed at the end.

The other hand hides the card that needs to be changed.

Note that you need to cleverly hide the card so that it does not come out of your hand.

Shake the card to turn the card into another card

The audience will see you unfold your cards in front of them and you will shuffle your cards randomly.

The movement of your hand changes the top card.

In fact, the deck is lined up from the beginning and it’s your job to use your skillful move to bring the folded card right out of the way.

Note that your movements must be clever to rotate the deck.

The above magic tricks may be difficult for those who are not familiar with hand dexterity.

To become more proficient in hand movements, please refer to the following article.

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Head-up cards turn into face-down cards

Four face-up cards from the start are gradually turned face down.

After that, these cards are replaced by completely other cards.

In fact, there are eight cards in total, but with your skillful movement the audience can only see four cards.

Surely the audience will not believe their eyes.

Only with the skillful movements of the magician’s hands, we can have very interesting magic tricks.

Practice your hand skillfully so that viewers can’t detect your trick.

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