5 select close up magic tricks will surprise everyone

From past to present, when it comes to magic, most people are sure to be interested and amazed by the strangeness of magic tricks.

Here I will introduce to you magic tricks that will surely bring surprises to the viewers.

The rings can be threaded together

First, you show your audience individual rings.

Then, you skew the rings together through the gap between the ring.

Note that you do not let the audience see the gap in the ring to ensure surprise for the audience.

Magic box turns into cream cake

You do some magic moves with the box.

This box has a special structure that hides the sponge cream cake.

Note that when rotating the box, gently rotate the box to gently spread the cream cake.

Magic card magic

First, you let your audience choose any card.

Then, you take out the card at random and count the number on the card to choose the card that the audience sees.

Note that the cards are pre-arranged, but you must manipulate them carefully so that the audience will not detect them.

In particular, you can use these magic tricks to surprise the girl you like.

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5 Super Easy Close up Magic Tricks To Impress Girls At A Party

Rubic blocks are in order

You need to prepare the cube in advance with one face filled each color.

There are three objects that are combined in this game.

The shell with mixed colors will face up the rubic with order.

Your job is to do some magic manipulation and keep the ruby case shuffled to get the sorted cube.

A dollar bill turns into two dollar bills

Top 5 close up magician of the year

First, you use glue to glue the two bills together.

Then, use scissors to cut the middle of the dollar bill.

And of course, since two dollar bills are glued together, after cutting they will be able to get two dollar bills.

Note that you must not tug on the note to avoid the sticking part of the bill being detached.

The magic tricks are performed simply and can bring viewers a feeling of great surprise.

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