Top 5 close up magic tricks with cards

Card magic is the magic trick most commonly used by magicians.

With just a simple deck and a few clever moves, you can have an exciting magic trick.
Here I will introduce to you magic tricks with cards.

The cards disappear in space

Hold the card tightly in one hand and bend the card.

Actually the card is still neatly in the palm of your hand, but the audience thought the card disappeared.

Note that this magic trick requires the magician to skillfully hide the card.

The card changes color

At first, the table uses one hand to cover the red card and see the whole cards turn blue.

The act of covering the deck with your whole hand actually helps to pull out the blue cards.

For those who are new to magic, there will be a lot of trouble, so it needs detailed instructions.

You can refer to a few simple magic tricks for beginners, follow the link below.

Best close up magic tricks for beginners

The card is not resting

You show the audience first. Then use your hand to flip one, the jumble card turns into another card.

The cards are actually pre-arranged to appear in the first place.

Note that it is necessary to do a hand-swinging movement skillfully.

Two cards cut each other

The audience will see two cards intersecting in space.

But actually on the card already has a line for the other card to cut.

Take care not to reveal the cut on the card.

The dummy on the card changes

First, you draw some shapes on the card box.

Then, you shake a few gently and the dummy is immediately transferred to the front of the audience.

This will make the audience think that magic has happened.

I will introduce to you some more magic tricks for beginners, follow the link below.

Top 5 close up magic tricks for beginners

Magic cards are simple and easy to perform.

Hurry up and buy yourself a few decks of cards to practice for more excitement.

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