Top 5 magic tricks for sale online

These days, you can buy a lot of things online without going to the store to buy them.

Understand all the difficulties of customers who need to buy magic performance props, I will introduce you to the quality performance tools that you can buy online.

Several small pieces of paper turned into one large piece of paper

First, you show the envelopes to the audience and the audience will think of the pieces as completely separate.

Then you hold out a large piece of paper containing the words on each piece.

Actually the original puzzle pieces were glued to the back of the large piece of paper.

Your job is to deftly open the large sheet of paper later so that the small pieces of paper do not fall to the ground.

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The cigarette pierces the card

First, the deck is already shown on the table for the audience to see and you need to spread it face down.

Then, you have the audience select any card and use the cigarette to draw symbols on the card.

The audience will be very upset when they see the cigarette can pass through the card.

Finally, you put up the card you originally picked up is still intact.

Separate the disturbed seeds into two separate colors

This magic trick involves preparing two glasses, one with green seeds and one with pink seeds.

At that moment, you ask the audience to pour green seeds into a cup containing pink seeds.

Then, shake the seeds to stir and use an empty bag to put the empty cup inside.

Then, you take out two glasses with two separate colors.

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The dice swap positions

First, you need to prepare the tool is an iron box with giant dice.

Then, you put the dice in the iron box and cover it with a towel.

Unexpectedly, the dice disappeared from the box and appeared in the magic hat.

The audience will surely be surprised because the dice can change positions.

The magic cap turned out many things

A magic lid is held in the hand that can turn into pigeons and spit out fire.

After that, the lid can spit out a lot of paper firecrackers with many colorful colors.

More specifically, the screen turns out to be a stick and the cloth says thank you.

Surely this game will make many audiences excited and unable to take their eyes off.

All the items introduced as above are simple but create a lot of magic magic.

Quickly choose the shops selling magic online to own yourself many interesting props.

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