Top 5 close up magic tricks for beginners

The concept of magic has long been no stranger to everyone.

For the beginners of magic, you will definitely worry about how to do magic.

This article will help you to resolve the anxiety for beginners doing magic.

Magic trick: The ball swaps positions

The audience will see that your hands are completely empty from the start.

Then, use your right hand to put the red ball in the palm of your left hand.

Then you use three fingers on the right hand to cover the ball and put the ball in the palm of the right hand.

This movement is done quite quickly and skillfully so the audience can hardly detect it.

Magic trick: The cards keep the balance of the deck

First, take the card and turn it around to show the audience that there are no abnormalities from the card.

Fold a card in half and use glue to attach half of one card to the other half.

Then place your deck of cards on top of the two pasted cards.

Two cards are glued like this to create a place for the deck not to drop.

You may not rotate the pasted portion of your post to avoid detection.

Please refer to the following link for more magic tricks for beginners.

Best close up magic tricks for beginners

Magic trick: The paper cannot be cut

First you need to prepare a green paper with a picture, a pair of scissors and a piece of white paper that is glued together.

Then, use scissors to cut in the middle of a two-line white paper circle.

Top 5 close up magic revealed for everyone

Use a blue piece of paper through the two lines cut on the white paper ring.

Due to the gap in the middle, no matter how you cut, the green paper will not break.

Magic trick: Use your hand to turn the card into another card

Initially you use scissors to cut a portion of the card in the left corner and place it in the back of the card intact.

Use the thumb of your right hand to cover the piece that is still uncut.

You then use your finger to push the cut off card so that the audience can see the card is all behind.

Likewise, you can use your finger to skillfully cover the cut off the card behind to complete the magic of turning one card into another.

Magic trick: Magic hands change cards

First, use glue to attach a magnet to the card below.

Another piece of magnet is attached to the palm of the hand and tape is used to hold it in place.

Then, you place your hand on the card, at this point the magnet will draw the card up.

This magic trick will be advantageous for those with large hands to conceal the card.

The magic tricks at first glance are very professional and mysterious, but hide a magic trick.

These close-up videos will help you a lot in real-world follow-up and performance.

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