Revealed best magic tricks ever on America’s Got Talent

We are often surprised with the very confusing and surprising magic shows of America’s Got Talent, right? Have you ever wondered what’s behind the confusing to dramatic magic shows? If yes, then check out the full article below.

We’ll Reveal the Best Magic Shows Ever on America’s Got Talent That You Never Knew.

Shin Lim’s Magic Cards

For the audience of America’s Got Talent, the name Shin Lim is probably not too strange. He has done quite a lot of magic tricks with magic cards. And now we will reveal to you some of the tricks he used.

Spawning cards

This is quite an interesting magic show. Shin Lim holds 2 cards in his hand then he can easily turn them into 6 cards in his hand. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Next he had a judge face down 1 card as he performed the trick. But then when the judge raised his hand he used only one finger and turned them into four cards right in front of the judge. examiner.

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So where will the anomaly be located? Remember, magicians’ decks are no ordinary cards. They are advanced innovation by adding adhesive function. The cards can stick together like a magnet.

This way within four cards he can easily make them stick together without anyone noticing. Like that and act like a magician with magic.

The card disappeared unexpectedly

When watching this performance, the audience was quite confused when the card in front of them disappeared quickly. There is no time to hide them. The mystery here is that the back of the card is the same color as the tablecloth. Pay close attention, you will discover that they are not gone, but just lying face down on the tablecloth.

Magic show floating in the air

How to be able to sit on bare feet without using chairs, underwear? Using tricks, of course.

In the program we see the contestant has an amazing magic show by having him hovering barefoot using only a walking stick.

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To decipher this magic show, pay attention to the stick. It’s no ordinary stick. All systems are already in place. On the floor there is a large towel, underneath that towel is a base, this base has the effect of supporting the weight above. And of course it takes the combination of a cane and a rack hidden in his thick, loose-fitting shirt.

When he went on stage, he quickly inserted the stick into the position that matched the pre-marked position with the base. Next he quickly got the cane and rack mounted on his body. Once finished he can easily sit up and we will see this person sitting barefoot.

Magical magic avoid knife magic

This can be said to be the most thrilling and exciting magic show of Got Talent. For this performance, the contestant stuck a vertical knife on a small wooden frame. The outside is covered with red paper. There are 4 such bags but only 1 sharp knife inside. The contestant has reversed the positions of the bags. He then asked a judge to use a hammer to knock him down if he wanted to stop at any position.

Each time the hammer hit, the contestant slammed his hand on the bag. From start to finish, the contestants bewildered viewers with their dramatic and dangerous performances.

In the end, the contestant chose a judge to perform the final act. This scared the whole studio, including the chosen judge. And fortunately, at the last minute, he changed the position of the judge’s hand to the safe pocket position. Lucky for the judge, isn’t it!

And the point you need to pay attention to after watching the magic show here are the pockets. The bag has a pre-marked knife. Even if the judge was part of the magic show, it would be difficult to recognize. Because when a contestant makes an intentional mark just so he can find out.

Water glass magic show everywhere

Contestants on stage only use one main support tool, a bag. With this bag he can make a lot of glasses of water from inside the bag. With his special magic. Even in the shoes he is wearing, he can easily turn them into water containers and pour them into drinking glasses on stage.

Now let’s see the secret of this performance. First pay attention to the table. Under that table were previously available glasses of water. With his ingenuity he placed the glass of water in his pocket. Attached is a bag that is cut with a line so that contestants can put their hands in and take out a glass of water from the pocket without leaving any traces.

Regarding the water poured from the shoe, he skillfully poured the water from the glass into the shoe that was prepared with a pre-cut pocket inside. And the glass is not placed inside the bag then pour water from the shoe and we have seen a perfect performance already.

Perfect transformation tricks

With this trick, the contestants equipped the equipment right in their own bed. The back of the bed is a layer just enough for one person to lie inside. When the contestants put the blanket back on, they quickly switched places. And when she opened the blanket, the contestant turned into a girl.

Continue when the contestant is placed in the cage and wrapped in black glue around it. Because of this, we won’t be able to see what’s going on inside. Underneath this cage there is an opening that easily escapes and fits into the opening of the bed below. When the performance is over he gets out of bed and this will surprise everyone.

Mysterious pigeons

With this performance, the contestant cleverly hid the pigeons inside and fixed them with rubber bands. With the lights being lit, the audience’s attention will be focused on the firelight. That’s why he can easily get the pigeons hidden in the cuffs and insides of the shirt.

Also, the cages he uses are collapsible cages. He could easily take them out and make a complete cage, and with the other cage he had already put the bird in.

Towards the end, we saw a girl walk past. Now pay attention to the cage. The cage is divided into 2 flexible folding compartments and they are all black so people do not notice. And you can break the dove part down through the black curtain.

And as we also see after opening the curtain, the pigeons have turned into a beautiful girl.

So we’ve revealed the best magic tricks ever on America’s Got Talent. Hope this information helps you understand more about popular tricks. If you want to see more information click on the link below.

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