Most dangerous magic tricks on America’s Got Talent

Have you ever witnessed extremely dangerous magic shows? For me, when I watch it, we can’t help but be shocked and worried about the horrible performances. And in this article we will reveal to you the most dangerous magic shows on America’s Got Talent.

Most amazing magic tricks at America’s Got Talent

Let’s see the full article below to feel it.

Blindfolded flying knife magic show

As soon as we hear the name, we don’t find it simple, right? With this performance, the contestant was completely silent and did not utter a single word. It was this that stimulated curiosity to the extreme.

The judges and the audience always had to watch his performance in a state of bewilderment, anxiety and fear.

The contestant chose 2 random spectators and a judge to perform with them. In two spectators he asked them to hold a bag of nuts and another to hold a piece of wood. To the judge he put a “pineapple” on his head. The thing is to make the whole backstage bewildered, shocked.

Not stopping there, he used a burning candle to pour the hot liquid wax directly onto his eyes. Next use a piece of white cloth, black tape wrapped around the face and the last layer is also foil wrapped around the head.

With this posture he continued to use his dagger towards the audience holding the bag of beads, and he pierced it. Next was the person holding the piece of wood, he skillfully used his tools to crush the wood. His every action and gesture makes the viewers fearless.

To the judge with the pineapple on his head, he pulled out his sharp sword in front of hundreds of people. His blindfold slash severed the pineapple on the judge’s head.

This is really a dangerous magic show that makes everyone “heartbroken”.

Magic show locking hands soaked in water to open locks

The fact that we hold our breath underwater is already an extremely difficult thing. But the contestant on America’s Got Talent performed a dangerous performance that nearly lost his life.

Specifically, the contestant had the judges choose a card, then he entered a sealed glass cage. Use the padlock to secure the top cover. And he has 2 minutes to open the lock, get out and find a card that is equivalent to the judge’s card.

But not so smoothly, during the implementation he encountered a problem and delayed the time. From the audience to the judges, not less heartache when witnessing the time has reached 1p56s, but he is still struggling.

But then, he unlocked the key time. And that same card has been in his mouth ever since.

The magic of burning yourself in the air

Maybe this is a performance that really haunts me. The player used a shirt to lock his arms, then crossed his arms and used the pegs to lock his arms from behind. Next he poured kerosene directly on his body and of course his whole body including head and face.

Then hang yourself in the vacuum and ignite the fire without burning yourself. With the fastest time, he constantly struggled to get out of that tight shirt.

The fire kept burning, growing bigger and bigger under the witness of hundreds of people. Everyone was worried about him, including the judges.

Surely they had a fear of turning pale. And the good thing is that he was able to get out of that shirt and use the fire extinguisher to save himself successfully and safely.

Revealed best magic tricks ever on America’s Got Talent

This performance of his made waves behind the scenes, everyone was pale with fear but no less admiration for him.

So we’ve revealed to you some of America’s Got Talent’s most dangerous magic tricks. Let us know what you think of these shows.

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