Top 5 magic tricks America’s Got Talent 2021

Today, I will introduce the next series of special magic shows of the program to find talented magicians in the US.

Do not miss because these performances are very thrilling and make everyone admire.

Magic trick: The coincidental picture from many places

At first glance, this is an extremely invested magic show because there are too many TV screens on the stage.

The magician will connect with a wide audience through the screen.

The magician took from his pocket a watch and a very luxurious notebook and placed it on the table.

The examiner will draw any picture in the notebook given by the magician.

Most amazing magic tricks at America’s Got Talent

The book prepared on the table has a drawing that matches the judge’s drawing.

At this point, everyone was surprised, especially when all the screens on the stage showed the same drawing.

Magic trick: Find the marked card

Interspersed with the individual magic series, here is the amazing card magic show.

Still a very handsome magician, he wears a very cool outfit.

The examiner will be held in his hand the deck given by the magician to check it for anything unusual.

A female judge drew a random picture on a random card.

Then, the magician places each card on the table and makes that card disappear from his hand but reappear in the spectator’s hand.

Top 5 magic tricks America’s Got Talent 2020

The judges together place their hands on the card to energize it.

Surprised that the magician can find the pre-drawn card so quickly.

Magic trick: The image determines the judge’s actions

This male magician has both his wife and children standing next to the stage to cheer him on.

A paper calendar consisting of several boxes is written in the middle by the female judge.

The male examiner will write any name àn date on his little piece of paper.

Our talented magician took out a teddy bear from the box on the stage, and the female judge also took out a card with the image of a bear.

Next, the date on the female judge’s calendar exactly matches the date on the picture projected on the stage.

More specifically, this date completely coincides with the day that the male judge entered the small piece of paper.

Magic trick: Make coins appear and disappear with bare hands

Not only is this a playground for teenagers, but it is also a place for young people with a talent for magic.

From his bare hands, the little boy turned out a coin and made it disappear by an inch.

After that, she spawns a deck of cards in her empty hands.

The examiner will be given one card and the child will draw the exact same card.

Although she is too young, she has performed quite skillfully like an adult.

The audience really admired the talent of such a young boy.

Magic trick: Lightning fast dressing

This is the only performance of the female magician introduced today.

True to the charisma of a magician, the magic show was skillfully prepared with many hand-made costumes.

Appearing with a mysterious black outfit, but soon after, she transformed with many other costumes.

In an instant, she constantly changed herself with many shimmering dresses.

Strangely, each outfit is very tight and very short, but as soon as she touches it, it is immediately put on her.

The audience continuously gasped when they saw her changing from one set to another so quickly.

Each performance is very attractive and leaves viewers with too much curiosity.

Surely these questions will make the magic show interesting.

Stay tuned for our next posts to see more special performances!

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