Magic Props Floating Ring magic trick

Interacting with the audience or surprising your girlfriend, or even proposing to your future wife, can be a surprise through this magic trick.

Here I will share with the magic tricks of making flying rings.

Tip number one for Floating Ring

At the first time, wear a pre-existing ring finger on your finger.

You can even wear a lot of rings on your hand so that the audience cannot distinguish what is a magic ring.

Most of the previous magic tricks I introduced to you about the invisible rope.

This string will connect your body with the prop to perform.

Tip number two for Floating Ring

You have to attach one end of the string to your head, the back of your ear, your neck, your shoulder,… or your hand.

You can also choose to left or right side to perform.

The same form of performing magic tricks to fly the object, this time you will use the invisible rope just mentioned above.

In this video, our magician will stick one end of the string behind the back of the ear.

Tip number three for Floating Ring

Then, gently touch the string with your hand.

The audience who sees your movements will probably think you are manipulating the ring by hand.

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The ring swinging left, right or suddenly lifted will make the audience even more surprised.

Then, you will rotate a circle so that the ring flies along, which is a very attractive move.

Tip number four for Floating Ring

You can perform additional movements or dips as you like.

As long as you don’t drop the rope on your body, the magic trick will be successful.

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In particular, this magic trick will be more attractive and create better surprise effects when you borrow the audience’s rings to perform.

Kissing scenes with flying ring magic tricks will surprise your girlfriend and will not hesitate to refuse.

Because the magic trick has a fairly simple props, you need to invest in your acting so that people can believe it when you see you perform.

The interaction with your audience is also the way to make your magic trick more successful.

Good luck!

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