How to do magic tricks with cards

One of the most popular magic tricks is card magic.

You may have seen the magician perform before, but many of you will wonder how to do magic with the song.

Today I will show you how to do magic with lessons.

Magic card trick: Make each card disappear

This magic trick is quite simple with any few cards only.

The most important point to make this magic trick is your little finger.

Show your audience the first card first and you will work to change that card.

Skillfully pinch your hands together and gently push the first card back with your little finger.

Likewise with the rest of the cards to give the feeling that you are clearing each card.

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Magic card trick: Use one hand to turn one card into another

In this magic trick we only need to use one hand to change the cards.

Your thumb is the most important element in accomplishing this magic.

When reaching into your body, the card is also used when using your thumb to push the bottom card up.

Repeatedly doing this you will be able to continuously change the cards.

Magic card trick: The palm of your hand clear the card

The following magic game will be very advantageous for those with big hands.

The purpose of the hand is to conceal the card so that the audience cannot see it.

The first card will be played forward more than the rest.

Use your other hand to pull the second card into your palm and cover it halfway to replace the first card with the second card.

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Magic card trick: Coincidence or magic makes another card appear

Still a magic trick for those with big hands, but this time it is quite complicated.

First, you will bend the two parts prepared from scratch to easily do this magic trick.

The other hand hides a card in the palm of the hand.

Then you use one finger to push up the bottom card of the upper hand.

At that moment you place your free hand on the card that the audience is seeing to surprise.

Magic card trick: The card’s color change in seconds

First you should face the back of two cards together. Using a flick gesture to reverse the card.

It is better to use glue to glue the back sides of the card to prevent the card from falling off when falling.

This game is quite easy and very suitable for beginners.

Please rest assured because the magic tricks I have introduced are not too difficult for beginners.

Practice hard, success will come!

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