How to do magic card tricks step by step for beginners

Card magic tricks you have heard a lot, but card magic with the telephone will be unfamiliar to few people.

Today I will guide you to do magic card tricks with extremely easy.

Magic card trick: Chest of prophecy cards

Shuffle your cards up and select a card at random.

First go to CHplay to install Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier application to your phone.

Open the application and select Golden Chest Pro and select Launch Trick.

Select the number and suit of your card you chose from the beginning.

After the app is launched, just put the card in the camera and make sure the chest will open the card you originally chose.

How to learn magic tricks easily

Magic card trick: The scorpion pulls out the selected card

Still the card is pre-selected by using the shuffle trick, you will get the preset card.

After opening the App, you go to Letha Scorpion Pro and select Launch Trick.
Select the card number and suit for the selected card.

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When the application is started up, you put the camera in your palm and take the picture.

Then, from the phone screen, a scorpion will crawl with the card that matches the original card.

Magic card trick: Application to change cards

First, you select two cards and place them at the beginning of the deck.

After opening the application, you choose Burning cards Pro and select Launch Trick.

Choose the order and suit of the first and second cards respectively.

You then show the audience the second card and put the card face-up in the deck.

You will take out the first card, but don’t turn it over until the picture in the app changes.

Magic card trick: The card appears from the firecrackers on the phone screen

With this magic trick, you shuffle the cards and put the cards in the box.

Open the phone app, select Ghost Impact Pro and select Launch Trick.

You then turn the camera to the pre-selected card.

After you put the app’s camera into the deck, there will be firecrackers on the screen and on the screen a picture of the card will appear.

Effects from mobile apps will make your magic trick more interesting and engaging the audience.

Surely many of you are eager to download this application and perform these games right after watching my introduction.

Good luck!

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