How to learn fire magic safely

Magicians love fire magic tricks because they are a super visual and exciting way to command attention from an audience.

With so many props and magic tricks using fire, it can be difficult to perform.

This article will guide you on how to perform safely fire magic.

Keep away from flammable objects

In fact, there are many props to perform magic with fire such as matches, lighters, gas, … and so on.

When performing with these props, be careful not to get too close to you.

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Handle them carefully and do not get too close to your eyes.

You should wear long sleeved clothing and neck closed to avoid burns or injury if something goes wrong.

Another note is that you must learn carefully about these props that can cause this fire.

Practice carefully before performing with fire

As you all know, any mistake during the performance can have immeasurable consequences.

There have been many magicians having trouble with their own magic, so we must practice more carefully.

When exercising, pay attention to slow down and adhere to the principles of explosion.

Regular practice will ensure you perform smoothly on stage and be able to respond promptly if something goes wrong.

Use good and undamaged props

Choosing and buying high quality props is crucial in dangerous fire magic tricks.

If you buy poor quality props, performance glitches are likely to end or the props lifespan will run out by the time you perform on stage.

When a fire accidentally happens you are more likely to burn or burn other objects.
So, choose for yourself quality props in reputable shops.

Don’t let this unfortunate incident happen just because you bought poor quality props.

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Stay calm, confident and don’t shake hands when performing

As you know, charisma when performing is a very important factor.

In order to create a successful performance, it is essential that the audience see you perform skillfully and confidently.

Especially with dangerous magic tricks with fire, confidence and not shaking hands will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

If shaking hands can cause burns during exposure to fire, …

Please practice carefully to give yourself a confident and deft manner when performing.

Fire is not only dangerous for us in life but can damage the magician himself while performing.

Therefore, you should thoroughly study the props and practice carefully before performing to avoid making mistakes.

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