Top 9 Popular Magic Tricks That All Magicians Know

I’m pretty sure one thing, any artist knows about the painting of the Mona Lisa, any sculptor knows about the Statue of David.

Also, in magic, there are extremely popular magic tricks, it can be said that any magician knows these magic tricks.

Here is a list of 9 popular magic tricks that almost all magicians know.

Fire To Rose Magic Tricks

The fire turned into a rose, a romantic and familiar magic for many magicians.

If you practice the trick of exchanging real and fake roses together, then give real roses to the audience, the effect will be great.

Metal Vanishing Cane For Stage Magician

Towels turned into cane is a magic trick very familiar to stage magicians. If you’re creative enough, you can do more than that.

Beginner magicians can only perform one to two canes, but pro magicians, if they wish, can perform up to ten canes.

Thumbtip The Very Popular Magic Tricks

Thumbtips are magic props that cannot be more familiar for magicians. Magicians can do lots of magic tricks with it.

Change money, disappear handkerchief, disappear cigarettes, make the card balance … and even hundreds of other magic tricks.

Flash Paper Popular Accessories

Whether you are a stage magician or street maician, Flash Paper is an indispensable accessory for you.

It gives a nice effect when you can appear decks, handkerchiefs, coins, flowers and almost anything you can use your hand to hold.

Ring and Chain Popular Magic Tricks

Andy Lau used this magic trick in a movie to give a necklace to his girlfriend.

This magic props can do quite a lot of impressive tricks, but the most common magic trick is still the ring drop and it sticks itself to the necklace.

Stripper Deck Magic Tricks With Playing Cards

Do you want to be a cards shark in the eyes of the audience? With this deck, you can do it easily.

Stripper Deck allows you to control all the cards in the deck, you can find the card the audience chose easily, even though the audience has shuffled the deck.

WOW Change Card Popular Magic Tricks

WOW is what the audience uttered after watching this magic, which is why WOW is also the name of this magic.

The card changes visually, without hiding it, slowly, turning from a random card into a card the audience chooses, with their signature on it.

Sponge Ball Magic Tricks on Audiences Hands

Sponge Ball is the best street magic and party ever. It is suitable for perform for all ages, from adults to children.

You only need to practice a basic movement, and you can perform this magic trick. Of course, to perform better, you have to spend a lot of time practicing.

Svengali Deck Best Deck In Magic History

This is perhaps the best card magic in history ever devised. For hundreds of years, there has been no magic trick to replace it.

This is the trick I always perform if I want to make an audience go from surprise to surprise.

These are the most popular magic tricks in the magic world. Of course, there are quite a few magic tricks of similar popularity, but within the limit of the article, I just give a short list.

If you’re a magician, I’m pretty sure you know all the magic tricks above. If in the 9 magic props above, if there’s one you don’t know, let me know, maybe I’ll change this list in the future.

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