Top 4 math card tricks tutorial

Card magic is the magic trick most commonly used by magicians.

With just a simple deck and a few clever moves, you can have an exciting magic trick.
Here I will introduce to you magic tricks with cards.

Magic card trick: Four Ace cards meet without an appointment

Magic card trick: Four Ace cards emerge

To get your audience to trust you more, have them shuffle the previous hand and divide the cards into four blocks.

You then take four Ace cards and place them on the top of the last card.

For each block, you take out the first three cards and put them to the bottom.

Tutorial for disappearing card trick

Divide the cards among the remaining blocks one after another from left to right.

Just like that until the end, the four Ace cards will be put to the first place of each block.

Magic card trick: Select the correct card from numerical order

Select the number Five card and place it next to the four Ace cards.

Then the audience pick any one of the cards and place it at fifth position after the four Ace cards.

After you’ve spread your cards, take card number Five for your audience to see.

How to do 4 simple card tricks

Continue to take cards at fifth position from the number Five card has been taken.

The audience will surely be amazed and wondering why you can pull out the right card they originally chose.

Magic card trick: A card appear after descending sequence

Prepare cards in order from Ace to Ten cards and collect ten cards as you gather the cards.

The card that the audience chooses will be placed next to the Ace card just arranged.

The audience will surely be surprised to see that the card they choose is behind the cards in order from large to small.

Magic card trick: Magical Ace and King cards

Prepare four Ace and four King cards and place them at either end of the deck.

When shuffling your cards, carefully put four cards arranged from top to bottom of the deck.

Then, the audience will divide the deck into two blocks and choose one of the blocks to divide according to the number of cards you request.

You and the audience will take turns dividing the cards into four blocks placed on the table.

Of course the last cards on the four blocks are the four Ace and King cards .

Fast and skillful movement is the most important factor to help you perform well in magic with that card.

Please practice hard for better results.

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