16 Great Magic Props Are Made in Vietnam

In the past, magic was popular only in foreign countries, but nowadays, magic shows are famous in Vietnam.

To make many interesting magic tricks, props made a huge contribution.

The following are popular props that are used by Vietnamese magicians.

Topic about: Magic Props
Level of difficult: Easy, Normal
Appropriate age: Form 10 to 30 Year Olds
Price: From 5$ to 200$
Suitable for: Everyone Can Do

Endless Wine From Gourd

A bottle of wine contains an drinkable and discolored solution.

Preset a few glasses on the table and pour into three glasses one after another.

Each glass will contain a different color of wine.

You will pour continuously into three glasses to let the audience see nothing out of the ordinary.

Mental Bell Magic Props

You can have the audience check the bell before performing.

Three dice are placed on the table and it will interpret the color of the dice you choose.

When you bring the bell to the dice you have chosen, click on the end of the string to let the bell ring.

Then, continue to choose any card and do the same movement as above to ring the bell.

Fire zip bag

The red magic bag that emits fire will make everyone amused.

In this game you can show children a scene where you take a pigeon out of a pocket and a dollar bill.

More specifically, the leaf bag can take fire from a candle to glow.

This is entirely due to the special construction of the bag.

Flower wand big size ver.2

First of all, the audience will witness an empty red bottle.

There is a flower plant in the green tube and you just need to prohibit the green tube from entering the red pot, it will make it pop.

You absolutely cannot let the audience test these props before performing.

Otherwise they will be hard to be surprised when the flower plant appears.

Merry Christmas restore poster

A large poster will be stuck behind the separate pieces.

The audience will see small pieces of paper placed in front.

You need to pay attention not to pull the small pieces of paper too far from each other to avoid seeing the big poster behind.

Finally, open the finished poster from the back for your audience to see.

Cocktail Of Beads

Place two cups containing individual green and red seeds on the table.

Then ask your audience to pour the two beads together and shake them well.

Place a cup with mixed seeds in a paper bag and take out two cups with separate seeds as before.

Absolutely do not show the audience the paper bag before the show to make the magic run smoothly.

Magic Girl Flying

Have you thought the flying man scene is real yet?

The table shown in this magic show has a special structure that can cause a person to lift off the table.

Of course, just lift off the table a certain distance only.

You just have to wrap a layer of cloth around the performer ‘s body and use this table and the magic will be successful.

Macbook Production Magic Props

Doing magic with the Macbook looks very luxurious, right?

The props only look like a laptop and are actually a storage box.

You can get a lot of flowers from there.

The colorful flowers and rubies, glass, and wine bottles will make everyone extremely excited.

Eventually you will rotate the laptop towards the audience so they see the laptop completely empty.

Magic drawing board

This magic trick is very ridiculous and suitable for very young people.

First of all, you use a pen to draw on a face board with eyes, nose, mouth, …

Then hold your hand to control the back so that the mouth drawn on the board moves and the pre-recorded sound will be heard.

The mouth shape of the drawing on the board and the sound match perfectly, so the audience will not be suspicious.

Wonderful hat remote

The magic show that creates snow and fire will surely delight most people so much.

Just from a magic hat, the pigeon will fly out, the super long stick is taken out of an empty bag.

A spill of paper fireworks will be shot up, creating a strange sparkling feeling for the viewer.

Electric appearing cane launcher

The main prop for this magic trick is the hat.

Just put a small box of pre-prepared props into the box and the paper cannon will explode.

More especially, the soft silk scarves will be turned into stiff sticks in front of the audience.

Money Maker Magic Props

Using a large value Vietnamese bill to perform will definitely make many spectators gasp.

This box is made up of two compartments, an empty compartment and a cash drawer.

You just need to shake gently and the notes will be pushed up.

Then, take turns taking out each note to the audience to see.

Fire dove pan 3 time

A lid with a structure designed after that can spontaneously ignite and pop up other props.

You just need to press the button below to keep the colored sheets of paper bursting out.

Looks great when you gently take out colorful fabrics from the lid.

Number Prediction

Are there some spiritual lights you have heard?

Let the audience select any number and you will tick it on the calendar.

You can change your mind any number, but the psychic lamp can still guess what number you’ve written.

Although they changed their mind, this psychic lamp and the magician were predictable.

Beheaded Frame

The beheading scenes were only performed in the movie, but today you will be able to witness the magic act.

First, you use a cutter to cut the cucumber to test its sharpness.

You then invite the audience to place their neck in the magic machine and lock it.

The audience absolutely sees you lower the guillotine but your neck won’t come loose.

Ipad to dove

The dove-shaped iPad was shown in front of the audience.

Then, you use the ipad to cover your hand to take the pigeon from the shirt.

The operation is done quickly and coincides with the direction of reaching out to the Ipad to take out the pigeon.

Therefore, the audience will certainly have no doubts.

Funny magic tricks refer to the thrilling and dangerous magic tricks performed by many of the props I have introduced.

Hurry up and get yourself these wonderful props to perform magic.

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