Five Close up Magic Tricks Will Blow Your Mind

Magic with occult will surely make many people not believe their eyes.

What’s more, for weird games, the audience will probably get their brains blown away.

In the following, I will introduce to the magic tricks that blow the audience’s brain.

The key can shrink in the bottle

First you need to prepare a key and a plastic bottle.

With a special key structure, it stretches to the sides so you can fit inside the bottle.

Note that when you squeeze the two sides of the key to put it in the plastic bottle should not be seen by the audience.

After the key is in the bottle, shake the bottle so the audience thinks the key is still intact.

Money-making machine

You pick up the Vietnamese Dong and hand it into the machine on the table.

When you rotate this device, it will feel like it’s turning into another note.

Then you show your original bill to the audience.

In fact, this machine has a special structure with two compartments for two notes.

When the original bill is wrapped, the money placed in front is ejected.

With magic tricks that turn money, I will introduce you to a few more games in the link below.

Top 5 close up magic coin tricks easy to do

The card can stand on hand

First you put the card on the back of your hand, the audience will probably think you are using magic to keep the card standing.

In fact, initially you need to use your fake finger on the back of the card so it can grip your hand.
Note that the audience must not see the fake finger behind.

Then, you bend the card so that it centers up the center of the card.

You use your hand to pull the invisible rope so that the stick is lifted into the air.

Take care not to let your audience see your drag.

Top 5 Close up Magic Tricks Make You Don’t Believe in Your Eyes

The deck of cards is self-arranged

You rotate the box for the audience to see from many angles and unfold the cards.

Cards are graded from small to large and classified into two colors, white and black.

To do well in this magic trick, of course, you need to have the cards pre-arranged.

Note that when you unfold the card you cannot show your audience the pre-arranged deck.

Changing of card color

You rotate the colorful eyebrow box so many directions for the audience to see.

The cards are very colorful and you will show the audience how the colors change in the order of the cards.

Only the first few cards change color.

The audience will surely be surprised by the change in color of the cards.

With just simple cards, you have an interesting magic trick.

Quickly own yourself these specially structured decks to bring an impression on the viewer.

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