5 Super Easy Close up Magic Tricks To Impress Girls At A Party

There are many boyfriends who want to get to know girls but don’t know how to impress.

If you are a man who is having that problem then this article is for you.

The magic stick turns a rose to the female friend

Hold the elastic and the flower in one hand and the box in the other.

Then, you jerk off the handle of the stick and let go of the flower in your hand.

Your girlfriend will think the stick has turned into a red rose and will definitely love this.

Singing out the word Happy birthday to your girlfriend

First, you show your girlfriend each piece of paper.

Then, you put your hand in the back and pull out the Happy Birthday piece of paper.

Surely at this time, your girlfriend will be very surprised and happy with this meaningful birthday present.

Magic-colored cards

First, you show your audience the colorful deck of cards first.

The iron colors of the card are sure to make girls love.

From the colorful pictures you turn to show your girlfriend the cards changing color.

Here are a few extra extensions to impress girls. Please refer to it more.

5 Close up Magic Tricks To Impress Your Friends Girls

The ball knows clone

First, you hold the ball and rub it evenly and quickly throw it to the ground without letting the woman see.

Hand rubbing should be done skillfully to throw the ball to the ground.

Then, you open the blue box and must not lift the balloon from the box.

Sticks turn out flowers in the hat

First, you use the stick to gently tap the hat to let the cotton in it expand.

The flower is arranged neatly in the stick and when the stick is knocked on the bottom of the hat will cause the flower to expand.

Note that you should type gently.

Surely many of you will have difficulty learning magic tricks when you first start.

Please see the guide on how to best get started when doing magic according to the article below.

Best Way to Start Learning Magic Tricks

Girlfriends will love and be surprised to see these magic tricks performed by you.

Practice to manipulate professionally to make the impression on your girlfriend.

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