5 best magic props you should buy on magic store online

Currently on the market there are many magic performance props with many different prices.

This will cause buyers to be confused when choosing a product.

Here I will share with you the props that can be purchased from the online shop.

Magic witch hat

You hold a magic hat in your hand and take out a lighter.

Then the hat burned up and turned off again flying off a pigeon.

The audience will surely wonder why pigeons turn into so many small pieces of paper.

Moreover, the reason why the empty hat could contain pigeons and fire was not.
In fact, it’s all due to the special construction of the hat.

In addition, you can refer to a few more online magic shops under the link below.

What is best magic shop online in Vietnam?

Bottomless box

First, you put some pigeons in the wooden box on the table.

Then you unfold each piece of the box and you can’t see any pigeons.

Likewise, you pack a stuffed animal and keep opening the box.

It’s hard to understand why there’s nothing in the box while we put it in the first place.

Surely many of you should be wondering whether to buy online or not.

Please refer to the article below to make a decision.

Should I buy magic tricks online?

The hollow iron cage turned into a brilliant towel

An iron tailed can turn into an iron hole in the blink of an eye.

Then from an empty iron hole appeared a very long and colorful scarf.

Apparently the iron cage was empty could cause so many things to appear.

Surely the audience will not stop curious about this weirdness.

The magic of colored towels

First, you pick up a blue one and show it to the audience that there’s nothing in it.
Then you shake the towel and turn out a blue flower.

Next, the flower turns yellow, then red again.

A red scarf turns into very large red flowers and colorful sticks.

Surely this tool will not cease to surprise you.

Magic sticks turn colorful flowers

You hold a sharp stick and multicolored scarf in your hand and call out a cotton tree with lots of colorful flowers.

Two beautiful flowers were turned out of a stick.

Surely this magic show will score spectacular points for men who need to impress their girlfriends.

This magic show that is used to confess love is nothing better.

With only simple and affordable props, you will have amazing magic shows for viewers.

Choose the props you like best and buy online will be a good choice for you.

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