Top Simple Magic Trick 4 Kids To Do

People often think that magic is only for people with skillful hands.

However, in magic, there are many simple magic props that anyone can make, including children.

Here are 5 magic tricks anyone can do.

Magic Trick With A Tearing Fan

A fan, when the audience takes it, the fan will tear. But when the magician uses it, it goes back to the way it was.

This is an interesting magic prop that the magician performs on stage. However, this magic trick is so simple that anyone can do it.

5 Simple Magic Trick With Card For Kids Do

Magic Tube Appearing Any Object

Disappear and reappear everything you want easy.

With just one transparent tube, you can disappear any object that fits the tube.

Not only that, you can also turn into the object you want. All with just one thought of you.

This is a magic trick that is easy to do, even kids can do it.

Magic Bag To 3 Flower Boxs

An empty bag turned into colorful cotton boxes, the ending couldn’t be more surprising.

This magic prop is based on the neat arrangement of the flower box. You can turn out more flower boxes than that.

This magic trick is also extremely simple for everyone

Magic Tricks With The Magic Rope

The magician hypnotizes the rope and makes it look like a snake.

This magic trick is really fun, anyone can do it. An ordinary rope and when it goes through the magician’s magical hand becomes a … magic rope.

Magic Coloring Book For Kid

A magic book that realizes children’s dreams.

A white book, without any content inside.

After that, the book will transform into a book with black and white drawings.

And finally, the book turns into cute and colorful drawings

Top 20 Magic Trick For Kid That They Can Learn Easy

These are 5 magic props that are simple and easy to do for everyone, including the kids.

With a little practice, you can surprise everyone.

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