5 Simple Magic Trick With Card For Kids Do

Card tricks are a very popular genre in magic. If 10 magic tricks are being created every day, maybe 8 of them are card magic.

Let’s explore 5 Simple Magic Trick With Card For Kids Do with 7magic

4 Aces Simple Card Tricks Kids Can Do

This is a simple math and card magic trick. You let your audience do almost anything.

The audience deals the cards into 4 parts, the audience holds and deals the cards themselves according to the instructions of the magician.

Finally, the magic appeared, the 4 cards above the top were 4 Aces

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The Five and 4 Aces Prediction Card Trick

You let the audience choose a card. Any card they want.

Then You place that card in the center of the deck. Snap the thumb, spread it, a card is turn over.

Miraculous is not it, but it is not a card that the audience chose :))

But the audience is not disappointed for too long, you say this is the card that prophes the position of the card they have chosen …

You count by the number on the card and find the previous card.

Not only that, the cards you count are … 4 Aces.

You Can Become CardShark Card Tricks

You tell everyone that you are a genuine cardshark :)) (of course not)

You say, right now you will show them how to “cheat” when playing cards.

You give them 2 parts of the deck and ask them to choose the part they want.

Then, you instruct them how to distribute cards, shuffle the cards, deal cards…

Finally, you have a 4 King, and your audience … after following your instructions … they have 4 Aces

Card Tricks: Mythical Prophetic Card

This is a very simple magic trick but also very interesting.

You put a card on the table, and you say, this is a prophetic card. It will tell me what card you will choose to be.

You then have your audience pick any card, and as you spread the cards, the card spectator pick and the prophet cards are match.

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4 Aces Finding 4 Aces Cards Tricks

A tricky card trick.

The magician uses 4 Aces to find 4 Aces according to what the audience decides.

Remember, it’s all decided by the audience, and the 4 Aces appear like a real miracle.

Above are 5 simple magic tricks with cards that kids can also do.

Practice how to talk, communicate and present magic tricks in a fun way.

No matter what magic trick it is, it is how a performer you are.

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