Top 8 Vanishing Magic Tricks With Small Object That Will Make You Surprised

Disappearing objects is one of the common genres of magic. Among them the most famous magic trick about the disappearance of objects is the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty by David Copperfield.

Today, I will introduce to you 8 magic tricks that disappear small objects that you can perform to surprise people.

Thumbtip Vanishing Magic Tricks

Thumbtip is a magic props that helps you vanish almost every small object. From cigarettes, handkerchiefs to coins.

This magic prop is no stranger to magicians, it can do many amazing magic tricks.

However, magicians often perform only with handkerchiefs and cigarettes, which are the most common magic tricks with Thumbtip.

Vanishing Cigarette Case Magic Tricks

“Smoking is harmful to health” is the message printed on every cigarette box, it is repeated many times in the newspaper, the media, books.

If you want to convey a message like that to everyone, then the Vanishing Cigarette Case is the magic trick for you.

The magician shows the audience a box of cigarettes, with cigarettes inside, then he mysteriously disappears the box.

Mystical Box Vanishing Everything

With this box, you can disappear everything can fit into the box. It is a magic props with extremely smart design, with just a secret button, you can disappear everything.

This box can also be used to hold small magic tools, it is a great combination when you can both perform magic, and can hold items with this box.

Poker Vanishing Case Magic Tricks

Have you ever seen magicians disappear a card? Now, with the Poker Vanishing Case, you can disappear the deck of cards.

The magician shows the audience a deck of cards, he takes out a card for the audience to sign, then puts it back in the deck and … disappears.

What an amazing and surprising magic trick?

Magic Tricks Chopsticks Vanishing

Chopsticks are very popular items in Asian countries, food stalls will often bring you a disposable chopsticks for you to enjoy noodles and vermicelli.

Usually the disposable chopsticks will be thrown away after use, but as a magician, instead of throwing away the chopsticks, you will disappear it.

If you have traveled to Asian countries, then this magic props is a great thing that you should have.

Vanishing Wine Bottle Magic Tricks

You go to a party, you invite your friends a few glasses of wine, you’re also going to drink a glass, but you suddenly remember you have to drive, so you disappear the bottle.

That was the effect of this magic trick, the bottle of wine disappeared in front of the audience and surprised everyone.

In certain cases, this magic of disappearing the bottle will really shock the viewer. Especially when the audience just had a glass of wine from that bottle.

Reven Vanishing Magic Tricks Coin

Disappearing objects right in the hand … of the audience. That’s right, you didn’t look wrong, you disappeared the object in the hands of the audience.

Items can be coins, keys or small metal objects. The best thing about this magic trick is that you do it right in the audience’s hands.

However, this magic trick has certain requirements in order to achieve the effect of the performance.

Shrinking Cigarette Vanishing Magic Tricks

Remember the magic trick that disappeared the whole cigarette box? This is another magic trick of disappearing cigarettes, but this time only one cigarette has disappeared.

Before using the function of this magic props, you can demonstrate some techniques with cigarettes. Then disappear it.

This magic props can allow the audience to check freely after acting without fear of being discovered.

What do you think about these magic tricks? While you can’t disappear from something as big as David Copperfield, with these magic tricks you can surprise your friends and family.

Practice, create and perform these tricks for everyone.

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