Top 5 Marked Card Magic System Revealed

Most people are very excited to see magic. Especially with just a simple deck of cards that people will not be startled by its strangeness.

Here I will introduce to you some magic tricks related to cards.

Prophet the cards

First, you use a pen to write down the name of the card and draw numbers and symbols on the paper.

In fact, you already knew the card from the beginning but didn’t let the audience know.

Note that your manipulation needs to be mastered to cover the eyes of the audience.

Surely the audience will believe that there is magic when you can predict the name of the card.

If you find it difficult to begin performing magic with this article, please refer to the article below.

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Predicting a series of cards based on symbols

First, you shuffle and order the three cards on the board.

Then write down each symbol and number on the card.

Actually, the card has a special structure. By looking at the cards we can easily know the cards and diagnose them easily.

Be sure to act quickly and do not let the audience know that you are looking at the special symbol of the post.

Predicting the post by column and row

First, you deal cards from left to right.

Then, diagnose the cards by rows and columns in the order of matching.

The row is marked two through K and the column marked is card symbols.

Actually the cards are pre-arranged and you need to do it in the correct order.

Predicting random symbols into the selected card

First you shuffle your cards randomly and put three cards on the table.

Then write your prophecy on a piece of paper and randomize the letters.

You will predict a randomly chosen card and the revealed card will coincide with your prediction.

You need to arrange and predict the correct card position first.

Random prophetic cards

Shuffle as many cards as possible and randomly select three cards to be placed on the table.

Then, you prophesy the cards on a piece of paper on the table.

Look at the special symbols of the cards to predict the cards on the board.

Take care not to let your audience know that you are looking at the symbol on the card for prediction.

Don’t stop practicing when you’re not proficient for the best performance.

Surely viewers will be very surprised at your ability to do magic.

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