Top 5 magic tricks America’s Got Talent 2019

America’s Got Talent 2019 magic competition has attracted a lot of attention from audiences from around the world. Because this program has had many surprising and interesting performances from the participants.

Let’s follow this article to know the top 5 magic shows of America’s Got Talent 2019.

Shin Lim’s magic show in the finals

In this magic trick he had Howie and Terry together on stage to write their names on randomly selected cards. And his illusion work was so impressive that judges Howie and Terry sat at their tables. And in one last magic trick, he helped Howie open the thermos in his seat. And more specifically, there are cards with his signature on it.

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He invited the judges up to see him perform better. He asked them both to choose a card and sign them. And Shin Lim made the cards appear and disappear.

For Howie Mandel’s card, Shin Lim made it appear on Howie Mandel’s chair. Putting the card face down on the table, he has smoke coming out of the card, making the marks on the card disappear. The same tag marks are tattooed on his chest. Howie’s card then appeared in Shin Lim’s mouth.

Repertoire of Jon Dorenbos

Jon Dorenbos is truly a strong and energetic man. Speaking of the past, he was a soccer player. But then he got a heart attack. But he did not let life be like that. He has always been strong in fighting the disease. And a surprise is that he was on the stage of America’s Got Talent 2019 to perform his magic show.

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His performance has inspired many people to overcome difficulties and suffering in life.

Blind musician wins

Blind musician Kodi Lee won the piano and sang the song Lost Without You (by female singer Freya Ridings). With this performance, four judges stood and applauded his performance. Singer Simon Cowell said it was “one of the best acts” he had ever heard.

The contest received the most votes from the audience and won the first prize.

Issy Simpson’s repertoire

Issy started the show by revealing three books (one of which was by David Walliams) and asking the judges to check. Then she asked the judge to move the box. However, it was shown that the box was enchanted with magic so he couldn’t move it.

Next Issy pulled a pack of cards out of the box and laid the box on the floor with ease. And she asked Simon to pick a random card, and Alesha picked a random word from one of the three books. And that word appeared on the blackboard.

But not stopping there, a judge listened to the girl reveal the card in her hand. Another amazing thing is that the girl took off her outer layer to reveal the inner shirt that was the picture of that card.

Performance by Colin Cloud

Colin started his new performance by asking the judge to throw all the pieces of paper to the audience. At the end, Colin tasked Howie with naming a random letter and a random number. Howie chose “L3”. And you know what the weird thing is? This “L3” appeared on his hand.

Audiences ended up with a black X on her paper after countless cameramen stood up and picked one celebrity at random: David Hasselhoff. Colin said that if the name on his square did NOT say David Hasselhoff, Howie would be allowed to mark his X, thus disqualifying him from the competition.

Of course, when Colin pulled out a square bag with Hasselhoff’s name embroidered on it. It’s a surprise, isn’t it?

So we have revealed to you the Top 5 magic shows of America’s Got Talent 2019. I really feel it’s magical but spooky. How about you?

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